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inspiring nature images

Photography is one of the most used forms of art for inspiration. Nowadays, we’re mostly looking for images online that will inspire us to create and cultivate new ideas. We look at images of just about anything; including objects and people. But one of the best inspiring images to look at, are the ones of nature. Nature provides us everything. From textures, shapes, colors, and patterns, it’s all in one place.

We can use all of these elements when looking for ideas for graphic design, drawings, and paintings. And there’s no better way to spur our encourage our mood than with nature. Whether you like to go outside and see it for yourself or look for it online – nature is an excellent dose of inspiration. These inspiring and colorful nature images will definitely elevate your mood and stir your creativity.

Inspiring Nature Images to Recharge your Musa Creativa (Creative Muse)

inspiring images of nature
Photographer: David Frutos Egea , Spain

There is so much beauty in this image. It has beautifully captured symmetry and textures in the trees, hues of colors in the leaves, and a soft, yet impactful reflection in the water.

inspiring images of nature with textures
Photographer: Karin De Jonge, Netherlands

An image that we describe as a perfect demonstration of ideal composition and superb use of light. The walls, and subtle colors, make this a brilliant inspiration for any work on graphic design.

photographer Gheorghe Popa
Photographer: Gheorghe Popa , Romania

One of the most impressive and inspiring images of nature we have seen! We love this image for all the elements in it. The reflection and tones of blue really captured our attention. In addition, we believe it brings instant inspiration for the use of color.

nature photography inspiration
Photographer: Csaba Daróczi, Hungary

This is one of those images that leave you at “Wow!”. Such a detailed image with magnificent use of light brings out the beauty of this moment captured. Such an inspiring image!

Photographer: Alberto Di Donato, Italy

An awe-inspiring image that looks even like a painting. We love how the mist gains a soft, reddish tone from the sunset. This beautiful image elevates our mood in more ways than we can express. Simply breath-taking!

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  1. David Frutos Egea, Spain
  2. Karin De Jonge, Netherlands
  3. Gheorghe Popa, Romania
  4. Csaba Daróczi, Hungary
  5. Alberto Di Donato, Italy

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