How to Choose the Right Paint Color to Swift your Emotions

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choose the right paint color for your workspace

How to Choose the Right Paint Color That Can Change People’s Emotions at Home

Each color has the ability to generate either positive or negative feelings. It’s important then, to choose the right paint color that not only enhances the appearance of your home but also evokes positive emotions. 

This also applies to your workspace. Choosing the right color for your workspace will help boost your creativity and focus.

Many homeowners feel that painting the walls a neutral color is an answer. If you are selling your house, It does enable the buyer to easily envision his belongings in your home. Neutral colors can be boring, especially when the buyer has already seen several houses all painted in shades of neutral. Primary and secondary colors also make great wall colors, too. 

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What do Primary Colors Say?


Although the color red is a strong color with a reputation for boosting self-confidence, it can be overwhelming for homebuyers. Often used in restaurants to stimulate appetite, red used in a home can be over-stimulating and agitating. 

Pink, on the other hand, is a nice choice since it is soothing and promotes understanding. However, as pink is considered a feminine color, it could be off-putting to male buyers. 


Almost every shade of blue instills a positive impression. Dark blues are thoughtful and promote concentration, while lighter blues bring about tranquility. Aqua blues are also a good choice since they also help with deep thinking. 


Yellow is a great color because it boosts brain function, stimulates intelligence, and enhances focus. Brighter shades, however, may distract and overwhelm home buyers, especially if they are used on large walls. 

choose the right paint color to boost creativity
The color Yellow boosts brain function, stimulates intelligence, and enhances focus. Yellow sticky notes, anyone? / Photo: via Google

How do People Perceive Secondary Colors?


Orange is a positive color as its cheerful nature is associated with celebration and youth. It instills confidence and creativity. Although orange is a great color choice, it can be a distraction if used too much throughout the home. 


Add an elite vibe to your home by painting the walls purple. Darker shades of purple are often associated with royalty or celebrities, while softer shades such as lavender foster humanity and encourages connectivity. 


Shades of green tend to evoke feelings of wealth. Whether it’s a wealth of well-being or money, darker shades of green give the impression of stability, good health, and rejuvenation. Shy away from bright greens, however, as too much isn’t always a good thing. 

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to paint your home’s walls when selling to get rid of any scratches and nicks that make them look shabby. A fresh coat of paint, no matter the color, always gives a fresh, new life to old walls and, barring any off-the-wall color choices, promotes a positive first impression for prospective buyers. 

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Elisa Maldonado
Elisa is a guest writer for Musa Creativa Magazine, and a Real Estate Agent in Central Florida. She regularly writes about maximizing the spaces in your home or workspace, decor ideas, and useful tips for homebuyers.