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Q&A with Nallely Camacho, Founder and Executive Creative Director of VALLETTA

Nallely Camacho, graphic designer and founder of VALLETTA
Graphic Designer, Founder, and Executive Creative Director of VALLETTA, Nallely Camacho.

MUSA CREATIVA (MC): Tell us about you and your work. 

Nallely: My name is Nallely and I’m a new business owner of a creative agency called VALLETTA. Over the last 5 years, I have been working in the creative industry. Learning the in’s and out’s of what it’s like to own a business in the creative world. I have worked with marketing teams developing worldwide campaigns, and I worked as a production assistant. Figuring out and learning how the entertainment industry and the marketing industry work together. My experience in the creative industry has led me to my own development of bringing my passion for the beauty/fashion industry and marketing industry together.

MC: How is your personality reflected in your work? 

Nallely: I would say I have two sides to my personality. I can be very happy and colorful but at the same time, I can be very corporate. Meaning serious, neutral colors, very minimal, and clean. My personalities are so opposite from each other which, I feel actually benefits my business and career. I can easily adapt to a design aesthetic of a brand or business very well, because of these two sides of my personality. I know it may sound strange, but I feel like many creatives have two sides to their personality. This can lead them to understand design in a deeper level. I feel like this is what makes a great designer, especially.

Working in a creative position, no matter your role, and understanding a design’s personality is the most important part of your job. This defines the direction on how you’ll develop a strategy for a campaign or project. When working in a creative or marketing agency this is the most important trait of your job; because you’re working in various projects that can be complete opposites from each other and as an Executive Creative Director, it’s very important to understand every step from the bottom to the top. Every project, every campaign, every strategy developed, is created around the brand’s personality, goals, and values. So, I would definitely say, I’m grateful to have such an open mind to easily adapt to a variety of environments and personalities. Because ultimately you can see this being reflected on every project, and campaign I have ever developed throughout my career.

MC: What is creativity to you? 

Nallely: I would say creativity is a form of expression to your emotional desires. Being creative can mean so many things. From being a dancer to being a painter to being a photographer or graphic designer. To be creative is to express yourself through a medium you most connect with. To me personally, being a creative as a whole is being able to practice marketing, design, and photography. That is the way I feel most connected to my creativity because I’m expressing how I feel about a product or service and even the personality of a brand through my own perception. To me, that is creativity.

"To be creative is to express yourself through a medium you most connect with." – Nallely Camacho, Founder and Executive Creative Director of VALLETTA Click To Tweet

MC: How do you get inspired? 

Nallely: Many things in my life have inspired me. Some things I most commonly do when I need some inspiration are taking long walks with my dog, in my favorite park. Going to the beach, walking through a mall, eating my favorite dessert, calling a family member or a friend. All these things are my main source of inspiration. The biggest one which I like to do occasionally is travel. Take a trip to a new place and just soak in the culture.

graphic designer for Blowfish Malibu

MC: What type of activities help you overcome a creative block in graphic design? 

Nallely: Usually practicing the things that inspire me helps get rid of any creative block I may have. I’m not going to lie, there are times when I am working on a specific project that for someone reason, I am just stuck. So, I like to step away from this project and work on something else that may creatively be flourishing with ideas. This usually helps influence my creativity and help overcome my creative block on another project. However, If I’m just I’m a slump where creatively speaking nothing is happening in my brain. Then, I like to believe that goes back to my personal lifestyle. So I look at what I’m doing and what can have led me to feel this way, non-creative.

Usually, this means exercising more, being outside, taking more breaks or time off for a new trip out of town, and even just getting more sleep. It’s amazing how being off-balance can affect our creativity. So when I feel indefinitely off, I like to look back on my personal life. I say “okay, what is throwing me off balance?” And a lot of times its either the food I’m eating-it’s just not healthy, or I’m not exercising as much as I could have been. Or even stepping outside for fresh air, to allow me to just take a break and enjoy the vitamin D and fresh air.

MC: Can you tell us about your studio or workspace? 

Nallely: To be honest, this is something I’m currently working hard on establishing. I have moved around a lot over the past 5 years. I moved across the country, from Orlando to Glendale, CA to LA to Culver City to finally, Seattle where I’m at now. Over these past few years, I have been working from many floors, kitchen table tops, to the couch, to even the bed. It’s such an awful way to stay focused. But I would also step into the offices for the jobs I would work on, and this helped in getting most of my work done there-in a proper desk with a chair.

I’m currently working on getting a white desk with an ergonomic chair so my back doesn’t get hurt from sitting for hours while I work. I might even get a succulent or plant to have next to me. I read online that having a plant near your work station has health benefits and helps you stay motivated and focused. So I figured I’m going to give it a try! I think the biggest key to staying focused while I work, is allowing my space to be clean and clutter-free. Only the essentials should be on the desk.

MC: What elements of your life have influenced you as a Creative? 

Nallely: I’d say every experience I have ever had in my life has influenced my creativity one way or another. Good and bad experiences, they have shaped who I am and how I perceive things. And being a creative is my way of talking about my experience and emotions. Traveling has to be my biggest awe and definitely is a heavy influence on my work. I love to learn about people’s culture, tradition, and different forms of enjoying life. The element of being in the moment, and creating a memory. That really keeps me going as a creative.

MC: Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt? 

Nallely: I have been a creative all my life. I was born to be a creative and I knew this at a very young age. I never doubted about choosing my path as a creative. But I have certainly doubted my path to success defined by financials from being a creative. If you’re a creative you know! Creative jobs don’t bring in doctor or lawyer money in 60% of your career. It takes a lot of work, determination, and devotion to get to a place where you accept reality and just keep pushing. And as time goes, you realize you didn’t choose to be a creative to be rich! haha, that’s not real! Not in a creative industry or in the medical industry.

You choose to be a creative, or whatever job you decide to move forward with because you’re passionate about it. You believe that you can help the world by dedicating your time to being creative. And to me, I remind myself during financially rough times about why I’m doing what I’m doing. The love and passion for my job overcomes any doubt I may be having. Success comes to those who are devoted to becoming successful. Success doesn’t just happen. So being aware and reminding myself of why I’m doing what I do, takes away the doubt I should have about being a lawyer or doctor. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter the industry you decide to go in. It’s still just as hard and heavily loaded if you want to reach success.

Blowfish Malibu graphic designer
One of Nallely’s favorite creations was a green marketing campaign for a brand called Blowfish Malibu.

MC: Tell us about your favorite creation or design so far.

Nallely: Every project I have worked on has been my favorite! But I do have to say before I started my company, I was working for a brand called Blowfish Malibu. At the time I was working with the marketing team in developing a green campaign. The campaign was developed by one of the shoe designers who created a collection, where the upper material of the shoes was made of recycled materials. Being a part of that campaign was very exciting for me. It was when the whole going green idea was coming into play around the world. So being apart of something that was bigger than just my own actions was pretty cool! Another favorite project of mine was of course the launch of my own agency, VALLETTA.

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone? 

Nallely: My creativity is built around my morning routine. I like to start by making myself a cup of water with lime. Then I take a one-hour walk with my dog. I shower, make a hot cup of tea, eat a small breakfast, and get straight to work. I think the key for me is taking care of my own needs first. This allows me to get in relaxed state of mind which leads me to creativity. There may be days where things will switch up based on my list of activities for the day. But at least spending 5 minutes outside with my dog makes a huge difference for me. And of course, eating!

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now? 

Nallely: I don’t really have anyone in specific that inspires me directly. But I would say that there is an array of things that inspire me. For instance, my passion, my dog, my boyfriend, my friends, and family. And finally, the ability to create opportunities. All of these things together currently inspire me.

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