Essential Oils for Creativity

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essential oils for creativity

How to Choose Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically plants extracted in oil form. Therefore, they can be just as effective as the plant themselves. Keep in mind that just like any other plant, or food, essentials oils can produce allergic reactions in persons with sensitive skin. But overall, essential oils are great for creativity and numerous health benefits. One very common misconception on essential oils is that they’re all the same. They are not. The first thing you should know when buying an essential oil is that they are classified by three primary grades.

Synthetic oils are classified as floral waters and they’re pretty much just an imitation of the plant aroma and these can be found in body wash, shampoos, etc. Perfume grade or Grade C oils are usually petroleum-derived, with added chemicals. A key point of synthetic oils? They’re cheap. You can find these pretty much at any store for a very accessible price but it’s not the real thing.

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And now for the good part…100% pure natural oils. These are the essential oils you should be keeping an eye out for. But, it doesn’t end there. Pure natural oils are also divided on their own.

100 % Pure Essential Oil Grades

  • Low grade or Grade B – These are often classified as natural and organic, which they are, but they can still have some chemicals in them. Nonetheless, you can still benefit from these 100% pure essential oils. These are great for everyday use and we have a great variety of these oils in our own workspace.
  • Therapeutic grade or Grade A – ding! You hit the target! When we talk about essential oils, the therapeutic grade is engraved in our minds. Mainly because these are the only type of essential oils that are safe for internal use. These oils are sourced in high-quality standards, in their own natural habitat, and are free from chemicals and pesticides. Another great thing about therapeutic oils is that they provide optimum benefits to the skin as well!
essential oils for creativity

Using Essential Oils

No matter which essential oil you decide to use, it’s important to know that these oils have certain ways in which they can be used. Essential oils can be inhaled, diffused, or applied directly to the skin. Some oils can also be digested, but for this article, we will be concentrating on the other ways of use. When diffused, you can use distilled water to dilute the oils.

On the other hand, when choosing to apply directly to the skin-like in rubs, every essential oil MUST be diluted in carrier oil prior to doing so. Choosing the right carrier oil is very important since each has its particular use, just like any essential oil. As for us, one of our favorite carriers is Almond oil!

Essential Oils for Creativity

Although there are many essential oils that can help boost your concentration and soothe your mind to enhance creativity, these are our top choices.

Frankincense – Calmness

Provides a sense of guidance, soothes the whole mind and body. To use: Apply 1-2 drops on soles of feet or diffuse in your workspace.

Jasmine – Optimism

Produces confidence and optimism. To use: Apply on third eye (between eyebrows) or diffuse in your workspace.

essential oils for creativity
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Eucalyptus – Creativity

Boosts enthusiasm, creativity, and mental acuity. To use: Diffuse during your work with a creative task or project

Clary Sage – Clarity & Vision

It increases intuitive powers and inspires higher consciousness. To use: Massage 1-2 drops on the top part of big toes, or diffuse in your workspace.

Tip: According to reflexology, the top part of our big toes connects to our head and brain. This part of our feet is ideal when treating headaches and mental fatigue.

Lavender – Communication

Enhances mood, helps improve the capacity of expression. To use: Diffuse in workspace.

Rosemary – Clarity

Improves mental clarity, boosts memory and concentration. To use: Diffuse in workspace.

Mint – Concentration

Provides a sense of happiness and helps set aside inhibitions to enhance your concentration during your creative tasks. To use: Inhale from the bottle, diffuse in workspace, or rub 1-2 drops in temples.

Mandarin – Happiness

It boosts our mood and provides a sense of happiness. To use: Apply 1-2 drops in the palms of your hands, rub together, and inhale while covering your nose and mouth for 30 seconds.

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best essential oils for creativity

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