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Q&A with Anukrit, Abstract Artist, Photographer, and Video Creator.

man holding a video camera in his hand
Abstract Artist and Photographer, Anukrit Saxena

MUSA CREATIVA (MC): Tell us about you and your work.

Anukrit: This is a tough one, innit? Everyone is involved in doing more than one thing because there are things you get paid for and there are things that you love doing or are good at. I am a Director of Engineering at a product engineering start-up in Atlanta, USA. But I am equally involved in art-making and cinematography, thanks to an eight-hour workday in a 24-hour clock. Recently, I started my own YouTube Channel and soon, starting with an art firm (hush now, that was supposed to be a secret). I am more inclined towards abstract expressionism artworks and street photography. Though I keep trying new artforms, I practice these to the fullest.

abstract acrylic painting by Anukrit Saxena

MC: How is your personality reflected in your work?

Anukrit: I am, like most people, a limited-edition open book kinda person. Let’s keep it abstract, shall we?

MC: What is creativity to you?

Anukrit: For me, everything that puts your mind at ease or lets your mind wander in a bizarre fashion is art. It can be in any form, be it a snapshot taken 10 years ago or a sculpture made in an unusual 3D way, it can be a realistic sketch of someone or a group of people singing in a choir, it can be a minimal painting in a crowded workplace or it can be a person performing ballet in a theatre and the list goes on. It can be simply anything!

anukrit saxena

MC: How do you get inspired?

Anukrit: The biggest source of inspiration is the planet Earth. I know that’s too open-ended. Let me explain. Its varied designs are the source of inspiration. Planet Earth doesn’t just include nature or scenic beauty, but at the same time, includes the concrete jungles and massive man-made structures, constantly motivating us to grow in any direction. It’s just amazing to see the wide spectrum of variations in design on this planet! Observe, and let it come from within. Don’t copy and build on your own ideas.

MC: What type of activities help you overcome a creative block?

Anukrit: For me, a creative block is nothing but a period of inactivity. I simply switch to another task, if I am stuck in one for a while. Rotate between a few tasks and you’ll never run into a creative block, feed your mind some variety, and It’ll be all fine. For example, I keep myself busy in engineering design works, acrylic painting artworks, photography assignments, and video editing. And thus, avoiding a creative block altogether. And if you think you don’t have enough to do, to switch tasks, you can always start learning something new! One can never run out of ideas, NEVER. Unless they are dead, then it’s game over.

MC: Can you tell us about your studio or workspace?

Anukrit: Trying to set up a workspace for so long! It’s taking so much time to find the right place because I am trying to incorporate all the things (that I’ve talked about) in that space, which is kind of difficult. So, I am working from home. A camera set up on one desk and a desk for my messy artworks is a temporary office setup.

MC: What elements of your life have influenced you as a Creative?

Anukrit: Me not being able to go to a professional school of arts has shaped me to thrive more for the creative side in me. Because I was never taught about making money from art or pursuing art as a profession, I am always curious to wander in that direction. It gives me a push to go for it, an experiment in it, and learn new things!

MC: Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?

Anukrit: Several times down the road! Because I was always told that it’s not a high paying job just like other “important” jobs such as being a doctor or an engineer. But I never doubted it so much that I have to call it “the road not taken”. Because then, it would have just been an excuse and I don’t like making excuses!

MC: Tell us about your favorite creation or design so far.

Anukrit: My favorite one is a 3ft. by 5ft. acrylic abstract painting called “Wings of Concrete”. It’s inspired by the greatest city in the world, New York City, NY. I visited NYC twice before I decided to make something about it. It tells us a lot of things about New York City, be it positive or negative. For example, it talks about the pollution caused by heavy machines and the industrial sector, and at the same time, how golden New York’s nightlife is. Overall, how unaware the people are about the issues while they continue living in a safety bubble.

Wings of Concrete, acrylic painting inspired by New York City from artist Anukrit Saxena
‘Wings of Concrete’ – Acrylic abstract painting by Anukrit Saxena

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone?

Anukrit: This might sound stupid but, for me, staring into an empty wall or a blank canvas simply does it. Or sometimes, it starts to urge from within, to draw something, to create something! But that’s just me.

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Anukrit: Tons of people! To name a few: Mark Rothko, Kandinsky, Franz Kline, Van Gogh, Josef Albers, etc.

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