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Art Talk with Artist and Designer Kristin Douglas

Kristin Douglas, Founder and Designer of Waypoint Wanders

Months ago I came across these awesome maps that you can scratch off to reveal your visited places. As for me, a lover of outdoor travel, I found deeply in love with the scratch-off art of their National Parks Silver Map. I was super excited to connect with Kristin, Founder, and Designer of Waypoint Wanders, and she shares with us how this project came to life and the inspiration behind her amazing designs.

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about the inspiration for these scratch-off designs.

Kristin: My husband and I love to travel. Years ago I wanted a way to document my family’s travel but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Everything looked like a map that belonged to a classroom wall. I happened to come across a recipe for scratch-off paint and had the idea to make a watercolor map with scratch-off paint on it. My first map was messy and imperfect but I was so excited about it.

travel inspired scratch-off art

MC: How was the creation process, and how long did it take to finish?

Kristin: The first map took a lot of trial and error with products but once I got there I figured out a process. When I was hand painting the maps it was 7 layers of painting or drawing state outlines. I could have drawn the United States in my sleep. A few years later after having my first daughter I decided it was time to start printing my maps. This was a big jump for me that allowed me to grow my business and led to more and more ideas to expand my products.

MC: What are the characteristics of your designs? What sets them apart?

Kristin: When I was creating my maps by hand, a company copied my designs and started mass producing a cheap manufactured version of my map. I was heartbroken and almost quit. But instead, I decided to fight back and am so glad I did. I pushed myself to keep creating and be ahead of my competition. The copying never stops, but by the time the next copy of my work is out there, I’m releasing something new and creative and all mine.

MC: What does art mean to you?

Kristin: Art is an expression of who I am. I love that art is different for every artist because everyone is unique. It changes as you change. I love looking back at my art being able to remember different times in my life based on what I was painting.

I love that art is different for every artist because everyone is unique.

Kristin Douglas, Waypoint Wanders

MC: What has influenced your art?

Kristin: Travel! I love to pull ideas from where we travel to. Colors, patterns, locations. I am constantly thinking about art but even more so as I’m traveling.

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