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MC: How do you get inspired?

Javier: I’m inspired by life and nature. Everyone’s process is different and that is the beauty of creativity. You and I can see the same subject or the same act and we both will represent in a different matter. It doesn’t mean that one is right and the other is wrong, it how we will interpret and presented. Inspiration comes from within. You can teach it or learn it, but you can learn from your inspiration a lot.

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Rudy Arias, Fashion & Editorial Photographer | Originally from Chicago, IL | Currently in Jacksonville, FL

creativity in photography and editorials

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you, and your work.

Rudy: My father gave me my first camera when I was 6, it was a Kodak Pony 828. It was two very good friends of mine, Reginald Thomas and Sterling Capricio attending the Fashion Design courses at the Art Institute of Chicago. Using our friendship to drag me from shooting local musicians/bands to their fashion designs. I left Chicago for NYC to further hone my eye in 1980. I thought at the time, I was G-d’s gift to photography until I settled in NYC. It was the most humbling experience of my life and realized I needed to strive in perfecting my eye. 

In 1983 I received my first invite to a photo exhibition held at the Centre Internationale D’Art Contemporain (International Center of Contemporary Art)  in Paris as an upcoming American Contemporary Artist for photography.  I did not take the invite seriously and submitted what I thought was garbage. Parisians loved it. End result enabled my first Resident work visa and moved to Paris to truly hone my eye in true fashion. It was not until after I moved to Paris. I realized the C.I.A.C. is extremely selective about who is invited. I repatriated to the U.S. in 1998, and I still miss living in Paris, London, and later in Milano.

I’m a simple photographer in true fashion, not “Commercial Fashion/Clothing catalog”. I work in Chicago, LA, NYC, Atlanta, and Milano.

Creativity in Photography

MC: What is creativity to you?

Rudy: As a photographer, it’s about creating images that are as close to how one sees it in real life. It’s in the “create iconic images” by the masters I’ve strived to be in my work. Go to an Art Museum and study the paintings of the masters of their times. Take note that with charcoal, pigmentations, and brushes they created shadows within shadows, a light within light as to how one would see ambient light in real life. This is the fidelity within their painting that made them iconic in the Art World. Same with the iconic photographers who strived in creating fidelity within their images.

MC: Tell us about your favorite work thus far.

Rudy: In reviewing B&W Film Scans from a 2019 Fall Winter campaign I shot in Times Square, comes to mind of an experience Stan Malinowski once had and that he told me over a Gino’s East deep-dish pizza at his home.  He was in Rome shooting an editorial and used his standard set up of a tripod his Leica R4, Leitz 800MM F6.3 lens on the sidewalk. The model at a distance was surrounded by a crowd. While sitting on the sidewalk with a camera and tripod before him, he had difficulty framing the shot with people getting in the way. Regardless, he started shooting not knowing if he would get a decent shot. Once the film was processed, and to his surprise, the publication loved the images and published them.

Times Square New York fashion photography within the crowd
Rudy’s favorite work from a photoshoot in Times Square, NY is a great example of creativity in photography within the Fashion industry.

This shoot at Times Square with crowd control being very difficult in the rain. I can truly say, I now know how Stash felt. I did not know if I got anything as people kept bumping into me, jumping into the framing, my glasses, clothes, both Digital and Film Cameras and lens were getting drenched in the rain, shooting in Times Square and the streets in Manhattan. At the end of the day, it was a very wet but good day.

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MC: Who are you inspired by right now?

Rudy: It’s not who inspires me today? It’s who inspired me from the beginning and continues to drive my eye to be equal in my work.

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