How to Make Eggshell Art for Kids

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eggshell art for kids

Eggshell Art

Have you ever painted with help from eggshells yet? Let’s try this simple eggshell art together. My kids love it!

Here is what you need:

  • Empty eggshells
  • Paint
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Canvas
eggshell art for kids

Making Modern Eggshell Art

Step 1: Prepare the eggs

Empty your eggs by cracking the top off. I used one dozen medium eggs, but my kids enjoyed it so much; they asked for more.

I tried two techniques to crack them. If you have cooked eggs, take a knife and cut the top off and spoon the inside out. It’s possible when they are raw as well.

Step 2: Add color

Fill the eggshells with various paint colors. I recommend using washable paint if you do this together with your kids.

Step 3: Secure them

Cut tissue papers in squares, place the paper over the egg openings and secure it with tape.

Step 4: Have fun

Now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Have fun throwing the eggshells against the canvas. You will love your beautiful modern eggshell art!


  • Be aware, it’s messy. We did this project outside and placed a cardboard box under the canvas, which made it easy to clean up.
  • Eggshells can be fragile, especially empty. So be careful with them and take your time preparing.
  • There is no reason to waste the actual eggs. They still can be used for scrambled eggs or the inside can be eaten when cooked!
  • Some shell parts might stay on the canvas, just remove them carefully.
  • We used a permanent marker and wrote the name and date on the canvas.

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4 Easy steps to make Eggshell Art for kids

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