Let’s Grow a Rainbow Experiment

grow a rainbow DIY art craft

Grow a Rainbow Experiment 🌈

Did you know you can grow your own rainbow? It’s a super easy but magical DIY craft your kids will love!

Look at the full instruction and learn about rainbows at the end of this article. Let’s get started!

Here is what you need:

grow a rainbow DIY art craft for kids
  • kitchen paper
  • scissor
  • markers (don’t use waterproof markers)
  • 2 glasses
  • water

Let’s Create our Own Rainbow!

Step 1: Adjust the kitchen paper

First, take one piece of kitchen paper and adjust the width to the opening of your glasses. I had to cut mine with the scissor in half. 

Step 2: Paint the paper towel 

grow a rainbow DIY art craft for kids

Paint stripes in the rainbow colors with markers on both ends of your kitchen paper. Leave out the middle part. Make sure the width of the stripes is on both sides matching and use the same color sequence. Both ends should look identical. 

Step 3: Fill water in the glasses

Fill your two glasses all the way up with water and place them 10cm apart. 

Step 4: Place the colored paper in the water

Place each end of the colored paper towel in one water-filled glass.

Step 5: Let the rainbow grow

Lastly, let the magic begin and watch your own rainbow grow! No further help is needed after this final step.  


While you and your children watch the rainbow grow, it’s the perfect time to learn a little about them. Here are some interesting facts for you.

How are rainbows formed?

Rainbows appear when light shines through the water. Just like sunshine through the rain! The raindrops bent the light and reflect it. This is when the rainbow colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet appear! 

Rainbows can be seen in the rain, mist, dew, and fog. And no one sees the same rainbow since it’s a combination of how the light is bent and how they reflect. 

Also, did you know that rainbows are in fact circles and only seem like rainbows when they’re seen from the ground? 

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