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Q & A with Alice, creative Wedding Photographer

wedding photography Alice's Art Gallery
Alice Fischer, Wedding Photographer based in Florida

For this installment of Creative Muses: The Creativity Issue, we talk with Wedding Photographer Alice Fischer. Her wedding photography work inspires natural beauty, dreamy vibes, and most of all…LOVE! It can be hard at times to remain creative as a wedding photographer because it’s mostly just a ‘routine’ type of work. But for Alice, this is certainly not a reason to hold back on her creativity. This is why we appreciate her work so much. Her creative eye combined with her unique editing style makes her wedding photography worthy of recognition.

Photo: Alice’s Art Gallery

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you and your work. 

Alice: Hi there! I am a photographer and the owner of Alice’s Art Gallery. I specialize in wedding photography, but do a variety of photoshoots, such as engagement sessions, maternity, newborn, family, headshots, and even boudoir! Currently, I am working on rebranding my business logo, and working on releasing so many photos from that vault that I have had the time to release until now.

MC: What motivated you to build this business? 

Alice: Honestly, I think it sort of came naturally. It sounds cliche, but it really was such an organic thing. When I was just building my business I was in college (pursuing my degree in business), but knew I didn’t want anything to do with accounting or numbers. My focus and passion were in art through and through, but my family struggled to see how I was going to make a living in such a competitive field. I think it came as a surprise to both me and them when I started to realize I no longer needed my day job.

MC: How is your personality reflected in your work? 

Alice: Goodness, such a loaded question lol. As an extremely visual person, and learner I look at all of the details in every aspect of my business. From the time I talk to a potential client, meet them, and photograph them I am expressing a part of me and they are two. I think photography really brings out a side of me that I didn’t even know was in me until it started being such a big part of my life. My family is German and Polish, and so I sometimes joke with my clients (that I have consultations with on the phone) that it’s hard for me to express what I am trying to say because you can’t see how I talk with my hands lol! Sometimes I find myself just saying the silliest things, but that’s just who I am. I talk about “vibe” a lot in my work. It’s all about the vibe. If we vibe then it’ll just come naturally. 🙂

I take solace in knowing that people wouldn’t come to me if they thought I didn’t have what it took.

Alice Fischer, Wedding Photographer
Photo: Alice’s Art Gallery

MC: What is creativity to you? 

Alice: Everything. Creativity is a big part of me. It’s what drives me. The medium in which I am creative can come and go, but that’s kind of beauty in it. That’s what keeps it interesting. If we are not creating, then what is it that we are doing?

MC: What type of activities help you overcome a creative block? 

Alice: I “stress-bake” and I work out lol. Definitely not at the same time, but the two have definitely helped me overcome creative obstacles. It’ll be 4 am and some nights you’ll find me in our kitchen baking vegan cookies or lemon cupcakes. I think the baking itself is a way for me to refocus and think about the actual task at hand while doing something mindless and still generating a reward. Running is similar. It’s only me and my thoughts; the running is just the catalyst.

MC: Can you tell us about your studio or workspace?  

Alice: Right now I have a home-based office, that includes me, my iMac, and all of my photography gear, props, and paperwork. To give you a visual, it’s one decently sized room with two windows and various modern/vintage victorian furniture. It has excellent lighting, and I’m hoping that once my fiancé and I finish remodeling our home that I’ll be able to see my soon-to-be garden outside my windows. I am getting a closet built soon too for all of my gear/equipment. Lots of things in motion! haha, but I am hoping in the near future it will be presentable to have clients over for consultations, newborn sessions, and headshots.

wedding photography Alice's Art Gallery
Photo: Alice’s Art Gallery

MC: What elements of your life have influenced you as a Creative? 

Alice: The “ART” element. I started with drawing, which lead to painting, then music, which lead to mixed media, which lead to ceramics, which lead to dancing, modeling, and ultimately photography.

MC: Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt? 

Alice: Ohhh yes!! Most definitely. It is something that I still struggle with, and think I always will. Granted, I know my worth now, but there are times where I struggle with hoping that my message gets across as to why I do things. I take solace in knowing that people wouldn’t come to me if they thought I didn’t have what it took.

Photo: Alice’s Art Gallery

MC: Tell us about your favorite creation thus far.

Alice: This is such a hard answer! I have a favorite image for every photoshoot, sometimes multiple!

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone? 

Alice: First, I have a cup of coffee. Next, I put on some jams and create a vision board. I ask myself what am I trying to create today?

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now? 

Alice: I find inspiration to be everywhere! It’s so easy for me to get inspired just by looking on the internet, but usually, none of that really matters when it comes time to capture my clients. Everyone is so unique and different, that more often than not it’s the clients, my subjects themselves who inspire me to create how I do.

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