Rainbow Cloud Art Experiment

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rainbow cloud art experiment for kids

Making Rainbow Cloud Art

This week’s STEAM experiment will give your children the chance to learn some more about the weather and, and why it rains with this fun rainbow cloud experiment. They will love creating their own rainbow cloud art and can see with their own eyes how rain is produced in a very creative way.

So let’s get started!

Here is what you need:

  • food coloring
  • a big clear jar or vase
  • shaving cream
  • water

Lets Create our Own Rainbow Cloud

rainbow cloud art

Step 1: Prepare your class container

First, you want to fill your glass jar with ¾ of water. 

Step 2: Create your rain cloud

For this step, create your rain cloud by adding shaving cream on the top of the water. 

Step 3: Create rain

Drop different colors of food coloring onto the shaving cream. The more food coloring you use the more it will ‘rain’!

Step 4: Let the drops fall

Now its time to watch the colored raindrops make its way through the cloud. Be prepared the rain might fall quickly after you put the food coloring on the shaving cream. I was surprised.


Either you can use one big container for the family and let every child pick a color for the cloud or you give every child their own glass. Not only you can use this experiment to learn about rain but also teach your children how colors mix and create new colors.

How It Works

The shaving creams represent the rain cloud, it takes in slowly all the different colors of rain. As we could see with our experiment, the cloud fills up and holds as much as it can. Then, when it reaches its abundance the rain will fall. Rain is important for our planet–it gives us fresh water to drink and helps plants to grow. Without rain, most parts of our planet would turn into dessert.

What did you like the most about making this experiment?

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