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Creator and Host, Davis Rodriguez, talks with us about creativity and the inspiration behind his new podcast

Davis Rodriguez, Creator of All Things Wise: A moment of positivity

For the past few years, podcasts’ popularity have gone through the roof! There are so many good topics, and so much to learn from just a couple of episodes. But here at Musa Creativa Magazine, we are all about finding our ‘musa’–the good energy source that brings us inspiration! This is the reason why we absolutely love the good news podcast All Things Wise: A moment of positivity. What we love the most about this particular podcast is that it’s an instant energy-booster! With all the bad news that takes over all of our Facebook feed, we are absolutely all about listening to a good news podcast with positive humor!

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you and your work, or current project.  

Davis: I am Davis Rodriguez, the creator/host of the All Things Wise: A moment of positivity podcast. It is centered around the positivity that exists around us all the time but is not seen nor discussed. By using commentary on current good news events and suggesting wise things to add on to your lifestyle, this podcast is meant to challenge the narrative that we are all bad people doing bad things all the time. The content contains wise insights and enlightening conversations with guests that hopefully leaves you with a smile and positive energy to carry on through your day. Truly I hope to leave you with something to help you on your journey to becoming a better person.

MC: What motivated you to create the All Things Wise: A moment of Positivity good news podcast? 

Davis: There are so many motivators but the most prominent one is simply the will to become a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually in a negatively driven society. This podcast really helps me I think more than my listeners sometimes. I learn so much from the content and guests that I finish each week with a sense of growth and understanding. I truly want to be part of the energy getting this content out into circulation. The world needs good news and good energy.

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MC: How is your personality reflected in your podcast? 

Davis: I am the positive friend. The consoling friend. The “always make you laugh” friend. This applies to family as well. Being the creator and host allows for the whole podcast to have a piece of me in it. From my failed jokes to my genuine crusade against negativity. I simply just be myself.

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MC: What is creativity to you? 

Davis: I love this question and have had many discussions about its meaning. Believe it or not, people have many takes on creativity. For me, creativity is the essence of all things. This meaning that it is the expression of energy from the abstract as a reflection of our experiences, a mirror. Regardless of our artistic medium, creativity is the essence. Use it wisely!

All Things Wise a moment of positivity host Davis Rodriguez

For me, creativity is the essence of all things. It is the expression of energy from the abstract as a reflection of our experiences, a mirror. Regardless of our artistic medium, creativity is the essence.

Davis Rodriguez, Creator and Host of the All Things Wise: A moment of positivity podcast

MC: What type of activities help you overcome a creative block? 

Davis: Meditation, dim lights, and Lo-Fi music. Not in that order. Something about Lo-Fi music really gets my creative energy going. If you never heard of it, check it out. Just let it play in the background while you are cleaning or having a tough time. You will thank me.

MC: Can you tell us about your workspace?  

Davis: My workspace is simple and minimalist. I have a desk by a window in the corner of the room. I have a Buddha statue, candle, microphone, and my laptop. The less clutter, the more space I have to let that energy flow.

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MC: What elements of your life have influenced you as a Creative? 

Davis: Music and being a father. My whole entire childhood was spent listening to old Salsa music with my father or listening to hip-hop with my brother, cousins, and friends. I have always had a creative space mentally for music. As a father, seeing my children’s imaginations run freely has truly inspired me every day to fight for that creative space. Never close off your imagination. Its what brings us together and moves us forward. It’s the fuel for creation.

MC: Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt? 

Davis: Absolutely. I’m sure many creatives have this. I certainly doubted myself many times. Even when I receive the greatest of praises I still think of some way I could have done better or more. I work through this doubt by acknowledging that fear of rejection is part of our social makeup and I remind myself to replace it with the fear of regret. No regrets!

MC: Out of your recordings, which has been your favorite episode so far?

Davis: Well I am still early in my journey as a podcaster but thus far the conversation with my mother for mother’s day was so humbling and truly a blessing to have recorded. We see our parents as our phycological rulers, rarely do we get to see them as everyday people. I can’t wait to have more conversations. Maybe you reading this might be my next favorite conversation!

A short clip from the goods news podcast All Things Wise: A moment of positivity | Episode 3

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone? 

Davis: By activating my awareness. I simply do mindfulness breathing exercises. Nothing extreme, I take some to take a few breaths. This can be done through stretching, meditating, running, etc. I simply get in the moment. Some good tea and a window view always help. Did I mention Lo-Fi music?

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now? 

Davis: I am inspired by Joe Rogan. I love his ability to simplify his platform to where it’s focused on what it has always been, the conversation. I love that essence in his conversations as well.

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You can listen to the amazing good news podcast All Things Wise: A moment of positivity on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc.

“We all have a story to tell. Reach out and we will have a conversation. People need it more than ever”. – Davis Rodriguez

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