Colorful Milk Swirl Experiment

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milk swirl experiment

How to Make the Milk Swirl Experiment

I’m always looking for easy and quick kids’ projects. Searching for new art-related activities, I came across this milk swirl experiment with food coloring and dish soap. Since my kids love to play with all different kinds of liquid colors and are obsessed with science experiments, we had to give this one a try.

We really enjoyed this fun STEAM experiment. The kids were amazed by what a difference a little dishwashing soap can make. I, however, loved the fact that I could find all the ingredients in the house!

Here is What you Will Need

milk swirl experiment
  • plate or bowl
  • milk
  • food colors
  • dishwasher soap
  • 1 Q-Tip

Making Colorful Milk Swirl

milk swirl colorful experiment

Step 1: Prepare the plate

  • First, place your plate on an even surface. Fully cover the bottom of your plate with milk. Then, add drops of different food colors to the liquid. I used yellow, red, green, and blue. Don’t stir it yet!

Step 2: Prepare the Q-Tip

  • Dip your Q-Tip in dish soap till the tip is fully soaked.

Step 3: Let’s have fun

  • Finally, you can now place the Q-Tip in the milk and see what happens! Let your kids play around and experiment. My children were fascinated. I gave everyone their own plate so they didn’t have to fight!


Try this! Take 2 different plates and prepare them exactly the same way. For one plate, use a Q-tip without dish soap and for the second plate a Q-tip with dish soap. First, try the one with the Q-tip without the soap and observe what happens. Then, take the Q-tip with the soap on your second plate. Do you see the difference? This is a great way to teach your children the importance of using soap to wash their hands!

What did you like the most about making this experiment?

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