Handmade Soap Business and Creativity

handmade soap and creativity

Q&A with Handmade Soap maker and Owner of JabonesbyPerla

handmade soap business
Perla, Soap Maker and Owner of JabonesbyPerla

Starting in handmade soap making and creating a balance in running a business and being a mom

This is our last installment of Creative Muses: The Creativity Issue! For this last feature, we had a talk with Perla, owner, and soap maker for JabonesbyPerla. We love the way she integrates her creative side into the designs of each handmade soap and packaging! Another major reason why we love her story is that she’s a successful entrepreneur and an even more successful mom of four children. Perla is truly an inspiration for other creatives and her story will most definitely #boostyourmusa 💥

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you, and your brand. 

Perla: My name is Perla and I’m the owner of JabonesbyPerla, a small company of handmade natural skincare products for every skin type. All my products are made with the best quality oils and butter to nourish and maintain healthy skin. I have been making handmade skincare products since 2012. I started this business because I love making natural handmade products for the skin. There are many people looking for natural handmade products and we are one of those small businesses that provide handmade quality products in Puerto Rico. Everyone can access our natural handmade products in our online store.

handmade soap and body polish

MC: Where did the inspiration come from to start this business?

Perla: My inspiration started many years ago with my first child to be exact. Pregnancy can change many things including smell and I have to say that’s when the love of aromas began. Every time I would go to the supermarket, I had to go to the soap area. I would smell each bar of soap to see which one I decided to buy. If you’ve had cravings during pregnancy, well this was mine! The same thing happened before I had my third son. But it wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I made the decision to start doing something that would give me peace of mind–and in the process, something that I liked.

To have healthy skin, all you need is a good natural handmade soap, a body polish, and a nourishing body lotion.

Perla, Owner of JabonesbyPerla

So, I started making body scrubs and started selling them to my friends at church. They all loved them! Then, I continued with the soaps took some classes to learn how to make them and it turned out to be my passion. Finally, I added the body lotions. And that’s how I started this adventure called Jabonesbyperla. I always say that to have healthy skin all you need is a good natural handmade soap, a body polish to get rid of all those dead skin cells, and a nourishing body lotion!

handmade soap

MC: We love your handmade soap product packaging! Can you tell us a little bit about your creative inspiration for the design?

Perla: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, which makes it a bit easier for me to do everything related to my brand and presenting my natural handmade products. I really like everything that provides clarity and can provide quality in each product. For this reason, the labels of soaps, scrubs, and creams have transparent or white labels so that the content of each product can be appreciated. Also, to be more environmentally conscious, I always try to avoid the use of plastic on my soap packaging. With this in mind, I use glass containers for all the exfoliants which is a better option for the conservation of the product and the environment. Then, after using the glass, it can be reused!

natural handmade body polish

MC: How is the creative process for making your handmade soap?

Perla: My creativity begins at my workshop. Looking for different colors, aromas, and essential oils. To create soaps everything begins with the drawing and adding colors. After having thought them over, the magic starts with a mixture of oils and butter to create the right consistency for the soaps. Then, the colors are added to create the previously thought. After pouring the soap and waiting for it to cure for about a month. When the soap is ready it’s time to cut, clean edges, label, and ready to be sell. Making soap is a long process but it is very satisfying to make them.

handmade soap making business

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone?

Perla: The creative zone really comes in moments of tranquility. Especially, when I am alone and thinking about what I can create to provide a better handmade natural product.

MC: Being a mom and owning a business can feel overwhelming. How do you cope with the stress of being a Creative Entrepreneur working long hours, all while taking care of your family?

Perla: As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four wonderful children, I must admit that it is not easy. But I always force myself and continue doing what I like. I thank God for my husband because I can always count on him for any project that occurs to me. The family bond is very important to us, so we always have to take the time to be together as a family and disconnect a bit from work. Then I recharge and continue with what is one of my passions–making natural handmade products for the skin. I also work on having the products as natural as possible and earning the trust of my clients for them to continue with us. And in return, they end up sharing their experiences so that others can learn about our handmade natural products.

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MC: If you had only one piece of advice to give to another creative starting out on their own entrepreneur journey, what would it be?

Perla: My advice is never to give up! You can change strategies, but not your goal. Surround yourself with people who have the same vision as you. This way, they can always contribute with positive thoughts so you can be able to grow and keep motivated on your goal.

handmade soap and creativity

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Perla: Right now, my inspiration is my family. They are my engine, my strength to continue doing what I like. I have a very creative eight-year-old girl who loves to be creating different crafts, I love it when she walks over to me and says, “mom, this soap smells delicious!”. It fills me with joy to see that she likes what I do.

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