Making Water Balloon Art

water balloon art

Water Balloon Art for Kids

Summer break can be long especially while things are still under lockdown. It’s just natural that kids will be bored easily with the pool and all the fun places closed. But let me tell you, there are easy and fun ways to entertain your kids safe at home in your own back yard.

While the temperatures are rising and your kid’s mood might decline, this fun water balloon art activity will bring sparkles back into your kid’s eyes. The basic requirement is simply that your kids enjoy playing with water and like to get messy–in which case, this activity will be a win in your family!

So let’s look at the step by step instruction and material list and start an amazing afternoon full of fun!

water balloon art

Here is what you will need:

  • paper
  • washable liquid colors
  • tape
  • water balloons

How to Make Water Balloon Art

Step 1: Secure the paper

  • Since this activity most likely will be messy, we decided to do it in our back yard. We used our old seashell pool as a surface and secured the paper with tape to it.

Step 2: Fill up the water balloons

  • Then, fill up the water balloons with water and secure them with a knot. Adjust the number of balloons to the number of children participating in this activity.
water balloon art

Step 3: Prepare the balloons with color

  • Dip the water balloons in the preferred color. I used a muffin tray to fill the finger colors in it. It had the perfect size for our water balloons!

Step 4: Create Art

  • Finally, after dipping the balloons in the color, start rolling them over the paper to create art. Keep repeating the process. Make sure not to pop the balloons till your piece of art is finished otherwise the paper will get wet! 


  • Wear swim clothes for this activity.
  • After you are finished with your art project, reuse the balloons for a water balloon fight!

What did you like the most about making this activity?

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