Develop your Ideas in a Thinking Room

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develop your ideas in a thinking room

A Thinking Room? Hmm…

Yes! A thinking room. Apart from your workspace, setting up a room to develop your ideas can help boost your creativity in many ways. Years ago, a thinking room would only be familiar in practices like meditation–and would even be used as a praying room. Nowadays, a thinking room is a perfect space to develop your ideas for upcoming projects, designs, and artwork.

But, you might think…” hey, I hardly have space in my own workspace at home, so how can I even remotely think about another room? ” Well, this is where it gets both tricky and fun! Because, as a matter of fact, you don’t need tons of space. You just need THE space.

develop your ideas in a thinking room
Photo: Emre Can

Setting up a Room to Develop your Ideas

First of all, we totally get it if the very thought of a thinking room is odd for you. But it works! It works mostly because, in your workspace, where you sit/stand and work all day, you hardly have space to just sketch your random thoughts. Most of the time, we take a break from our workspace and head out to think somewhere else. Guess what? By doing so, you just headed to a ‘thinking room’ without even noticing it! Without a doubt, in order to efficiently develop our ideas without the pressure of work, we need some space.

In order to efficiently develop our ideas without the pressure of work, we need some space. – Yanitza Ninett, Musa Creativa Magazine Click To Tweet

Develop your Ideas and Get Inspired in a New Space

These are some simple steps that will help you in setting up your new space to think, gather up ideas, and take notes. Also, believe it or not, having a thinking room is also a great way to enhance your productivity.

  • Choose a space or room different from your workspace. This could even be a corner in your porch. Also, you can divide your workspace accordingly to make it work as a thinking room too. Then, bring your space to life by choosing the best colors to boost your creativity.
  • Set up the mood for your new ideas. Creating ambiance in your thinking room can help you develop your ideas in a short period of time. Some nice music–like Lo-fi or Ambient music, aromatherapy, and soft lighting can really set up the mood to get your creativity going.
  • Bring in some inspiration. We all get inspired in many different ways. Some of the common things to get inspired are old magazines, pictures, books, and even newspapers.
  • Take hold of your ideas as they come to you. You’re in this thinking room to develop your ideas; so don’t let them get away! Have some notebooks in the room–along with pencils, pens, markers, and colored pencils. Some other things that you can have in your thinking room are a recorder to take notes, and a whiteboard, or a glass window/door (our personal favorite!).
develop your ideas by taking notes in different colors
Tip: Color-coded notes help you be more efficient when thinking. Photo by Anthony Shkraba

Final Thoughts

Having a designated space where we could just gather our thoughts without being visually aware of our to-do list, calendars, and emails is a total win for any Creative Professional or Artist. Using the psychology of space to boost our creativity can, in fact, improve our behavior and overall well-being.

In your thinking room, you will be able to just let your creativity come to life. Your thoughts will not overwhelm you, and you will be more concentrated on those things you want to achieve. However, there are many Creatives who just develop their ideas in their own workspace–and that’s totally fine too! Regardless, what really matters is to document every idea that pops up. Because yes, every little thought counts!

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