Toilet Paper Roll Art for Kids

toilet paper art for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Dandelion Art for Kids

For this week’s kid’s art project we will use paper rolls and create dandelions. This is a great gross and fine motor skill activity that already suits toddlers under supervision. They will get the chance to improve their scissor cutting skills and use the toilet paper roll as a stamp. My kids loved this hands-on craft toilet paper roll art activity. 

toilet paper art for kids

Heres’ what you’ll need

  • toilet paper roll
  • paint
  • scissor
  • paper plate
  • brush
  • paper

I was able to find all the materials in my house already. Which is a big bonus point for this activity. Plus, it needs nearly no time to set it up and the children can help during the whole process.

So let’s take a look now at the easy step-by-step tutorial.

toilet paper art for kids

How to Make Toilet Paper Art

Step 1: Create the toilet paper roll stamp

  • First, cut the toilet paper roll as shown in the picture below. Then, fold the cut pieces back. 

Step 2: Prepare the paint

  • Next, fill the paper plate with the desired color. I used white since I wanted to create dandelions. My paper is green like the grass and to get a nice contrast. 

Step 3: Let’s get started

  • Now, let’s get started! Take your prepared roll and place it in the paint. Then use it as a stamp to create a dandelion. 
toilet paper art for kids

Step 4: Finish touches

  • Lastly, take a brush and fill in the middle of the stamp. Also, don’t forget to sign your painting with your name like the famous artists do!


  • Any preferred color of paper works and different colors of paint as well.
  • It never harms to use washable paint for children.
  • The stamps also can be used for firework art. It’s a great craft for the 4thof July or other holidays.

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4 Steps to Make Toilet Paper Roll Art for Kids

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