Working from Home and Organizing your Space

working from home and organizing workspace
working from home and organizing your space

Now more than ever more people are enabling space in their homes to use as a small office. Hence the reason why organizing your workspace is key. Working from home has many challenges of its own. But organizing your workspace doesn’t have to be a challenge at all. How do you like the idea of having everything organized to create the perfect atmosphere to boost your creativity? As for us, if it helps in our creative workflow, we’re all about that!

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Having a Workspace in your Home

Our first step is choosing a space that is practical for us, regardless of the size. Many of us creatives are very familiar with working in our dining room and even in our garage! Every space counts, as long as it works for you. Then, our real first mission would be to have this space away from the noise. And I don’t mean the noise around your neighborhood-which you cannot control. I mean any other type of noise that you can control. Another thing to look for is that it’s a clean space. Yes to this!

Also, adequate natural light is super useful. Especially for us creatives who are not always fond of artificial lighting. And, why not include some green plants while we’re at it? There are some beautiful plants that help bring positive energy into our homes. For instance, the gorgeous orchids which a lot of us love, are commonly known to boost our mood. And Aloe Vera, known for its ability to knock-off negativity, is also a great option for your workspace at home.

adding plants to your workspace
Green plants are a great accent for our workspace. Photo: BongkarnThanyakij

Setting up the Mood when Working from Home

Usually, when I’m ready to head to my workspace, I like to set the ambiance first. I play some relaxing music in the background and light up my favorite Mandarin/Orange Lemongrass Coconut Wax Candle or natural incenses. This combination of music and aromatherapy helps boost my concentration and enhances my productivity. And if you prefer essential oils to enhance your creativity, Eucalyptus oil is great to boost your creativity and mental acuity. Also, Mint essential oil enhances your concentration, which can result in some amazing changes in your productivity. As for something to have in my cup, rosemary tea–which improves concentration and memory, is something I enjoy drinking while I work.

Tips for Organizing your Workspace while Working from Home

Now, if you’ve just recently joined the work-from-home force, these simple tricks will help you keep everything organized. Just so that you don’t lose your focus, of course. Once you begin working from home, your organizational skills need to be on point. Otherwise, you’ll just end up losing more time trying to put everything together instead of actually working. Whether we like it or not, distraction is something that is augmented once we are in our homes. Therefore, the more organized you are, the less distracted you will be during your work hours.

  1. Simplify your workspace. Only have your necessary items/tools. Those granola boxes on the corner of your desk? They have to go!
  2. Organize your paperwork. This applies to both digital and physical documents, including journals or notebooks. Classifying and properly labeling everything allows you to locate them quickly when they are needed. A good ally for this is a handheld label maker!
  3. Setup your work hours. Working from home is still work! Therefore, you need to establish your work hours. For us creatives, this can be a real challenge since our work hours vary upon our creativity flow. But still, you can establish some hours for your administrative tasks, and other hours for creating and designing. Having your hours established will also help you in keeping your workspace organized.
  4. Page markers are your new BFF. Instead of ‘decorating’ your monitor with strings of sticky notes, have a couple of notebooks instead. Label your pages with page markers for easy access. You’re welcome!

Final Thoughts

Remember that your workplace should be a functional space. With some organization and your personal touch, it can become your creativity and productivity powerhouse.

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Tips to Organize your Space when Working from Home

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