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abstract paintings with feeling

Art Talk with Los Angeles based Abstract Paintings Artist, Darla McGraw

Mesmerizing, balanced, and full of beauty. These are just some of the words that describe the work of this talented artist based in California. Darla’s abstract paintings captured our attention mostly because of her use of colors. But there’s so much more to her artwork than what meets the eye.

abstract paintings
Darla McGraw, Abstract Painting Artsist based in Los Angeles, California

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you and your work.

Darla: My name is Darla McGraw, and I am an artist originally from Fontana, Ca. Art in one medium or another has been with me since I can remember. As a kid, I was completely obsessed with origami and card making. I loved the color, the shapes, the infinite possibility of it all. This provided a solid foundation for me to move into sculpture and pottery during my time at San Francisco State University. For years afterword I practiced on and off, but really started figuring it out when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. This is because I started painting when I moved here, and it just made all the sense in the world, and haven’t looked back since.

Los Angeles abstract paintings artist
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MC: What is the main inspiration behind your abstract paintings?

Darla: So much of my inspiration comes from the environment. I’ve always lived in huge cities, and love the energy of it, and the people. Something about the chaos that moves so perfectly is always pretty incredible. When I first started painting my work was completely full of color, and as it’s progressed, and I have found such respite in nature I can feel my palette and energy match that.

MC: Your designs are subtle, yet very mesmerizing. What would you say is the main characteristic that sets your art apart?

Darla: Because my work doesn’t have an obvious narrative- it becomes about feeling. I strive for grace and balance in my work that provides me a sense of calm and hopefully, it does for other people as well.

abstract paintings with feeling

I strive for grace and balance in my work that provides me a sense of calm, and hopefully, it does for other people as well.

Darla McGraw, Abstract Paintings Artist

MC: Being an artist…what does it mean to you?

Darla: Being an artist means being a filter. To have your thought and experiences and environment go through this sense that you’ve created so other people can experience that too.

MC: What would you say is something that has influenced your art?

Darla: Right now I’m spending as much time outside as I possibly can, and really just trying to pay attention to that. Everything we need is already here, and nature will always be the best of them all. I’m forever learning and incorporating it into me and my work.

Los Angeles abstract paintings artist

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