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In designing a workspace where you enjoy writing, think of creating a space you like being in and that helps you look forward to the creative experience.

I admire anyone who can work from a busy coffee shop. The idea of it sounds lovely, but for me, it is a distraction. It reminds me of study groups in college. I could go to the study group to ask or answer questions, but not to study per se. I need silence to concentrate. A nearby conversation, a dog barking, a lawnmower, and a ringing phone can take me completely off track!

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Since I know that, I write from home, where I have fewer distractions and interruptions. However, my workspace changes often. Over the years, I have written from my home office, dining room table, family room sofa, and window nook. Because more than a specific place, what I need is the silence! Therefore, designing a writing space is about having the conditions you need to concentrate on and create, not just a specific location.

Setting up your Writing Space

I have prepared a list of questions to guide you as you create your writing space:

  1. Do you have a room or area in your home that you can use exclusively for writing?
  2. Do you prefer to write at home or on-the-go (parks, coffee shops, waiting rooms)?
  3. Can you work with background noise and music, or do you need silence?
  4. What equipment (laptop, desktop, mouse, cellular phone) and materials (water bottle, agenda, notebook, external memory) do you use when writing? Your answer will help you determine how much space you need. 
  5. Do you enjoy an ambiance that includes aromatic candles, air-conditioning or outside breeze, desk lamp, and/or coffee?
writing space notebooks

Creating your writing space should assess what you have and what your needs are so that you can create the conditions that inspire you. Use your answers to design a writing space that works for you.

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5 Tips for Creating your Writing Space

Vigimaris Nadal-Ramos, E.d.D
Vigimaris Nadal-Ramos is an English-Spanish editor, translator, blogger, and professor. She has business experience and a doctorate in education, with a concentration in curriculum and teaching of English as a second language.
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