Freestyle Painting for the Kids

freestyle painting for kids
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Getting Creative with What you Have

Over the past couple of months, my kids and I did a lot of art and craft projects especially with the schools closed. Each week I was searching for new interesting projects with simple instructions. This week I’m here to tell you, sometimes it’s nice just to let them be themselves, creative and do what they want to instead of following instructions. In other words, practicing freestyle painting is a great idea for them to express their creativity.

Simply give them paper and pencils, scissors, glue, a blank canvas, and liquid colors. Or whichever their preferred material is, or they get excited about. It could also be something you have lying around in the house. Just let them be kids, let their magic flow, and be amazed by how creative they can be and what story their art will tell you.

painting a princess practicing freestyle painting
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Freestyle Painting with Canvas

My son saw my new canvas lying around for a couple of days and wanted to use them for his artwork. After begging, I got my paint colors out and just let him be. He decided he wanted to do something new. So he took his drawing book out and used it as inspiration. It helped him to draw what he wanted but wasn’t able to do it all by himself yet. He decided he wanted to do a race car and a princess for his little sister.

We were all gathering in the kitchen table and while he was focusing on his piece of art, his little sister was in her own magical world. She told us about fairies and princesses, dragons, and race car drivers. It was an afternoon full of creativity, inspiration, and laughter.

It was nice for all of us to forget for a moment everything that’s going on around us. To have a moment with no obligations, rules, or instructions to follow and to simply spend quality time together. But the best part for the kids was, that all they had to do was to simply be themselves. And to explore where their imagination could take them!

race cars freestyle painting for kids

Materials for this Creative Freestyle Painting Session

  • canvas
  • colors
  • pencil
  • brush


  • There are no instructions, just be yourself and make whatever you want.
  • Simply enjoy yourself!

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Freestyle Painting for Kids

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