How to Make Nature Art with Chalk

how to make nature art with chalk

My favorite season–“Fall“, is just around the corner and the days are getting cooler and shorter. It’s the perfect time to appreciate the Indian Summer while going for long walks. The blue sky, kissed by the sun and being able to enjoy nature in all their glory. I have 3 children and sadly not all of them like going for a walk anymore. Especially since my oldest doesn’t consider it “fun“. Nevertheless, I prefer them to play outside instead of sitting in front of the computer, tv, or any other screen. Therefore, I always try to make things interesting to keep everyone engaged–like creating creative nature art with chalk!

creating nature art with chalk for halloween

For this week’s art project, we turned our daily walk into a fall scavenger hunt. We took a basket with us and I let the children collect any kind of material nature provides. From rocks, over sticks, leaves, chestnuts, pinecones, whatever they could find and liked to use for their nature art. Instead of letting them pick whatever they want, you also can get one of many free printable for nature scavenger hunts or makes your own scavenger hunt sheets. 


Once we got back home, we took some time to turn our project into a hands-on learning activity. We took our findings out of the basket and explored them. We talked about what we found and what each of the items was. This is a great activity for teaching your children about nature! Afterward, the kids were able to play with their findings and create beautiful nature art with chalk.

Creating Nature Art

Here is what you need

  • basket or bucket
  • nature materials
  • chalk
making a nature art clock with chalk

How to Make Creative Nature Art with Chalk

Step 1: Go for a walk

  • Take a basket or bucket and go into nature for a walk. 

Step 2: Material hunt

  • While walking, start collecting nature material for your artwork.

Step 3: Talk about your findings (optional)

  • Use the chance to learn about nature and talk with your kids about your findings.

Step 4: Create art

  • Take some chalks and your nature materials and create your very own beautiful nature art!

Note: Please supervise smaller children during this activity since some materials–like chestnuts and small stones, are choking hazards.

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How to Make Nature Art with Chalk

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