How to Create Pencil Stamp Art

how to create pencil stamp art
how to create pencil stamp art

It’s time to try this fun craft project with your kids and create wonderful pieces of pencil stamp art! I love the fact that this week’s project is very variable. As for us, we created Halloween pictures of ghosts and bats. But this activity can be used for any graphic or freestyle, to create t-shirts or bundle a couple of pencils for flower creations, just to name a few. 

As long as your child doesn’t try to take the pencil in his mouth you are good to go for this easy DIY. Any liquid colors can be used or even an ink pad will work. If you are worried about little toddlers to use eatable colors or make them easy by yourself and supervise your child.

materials to create pencil stamp art

Creating Pencil Stamp Art

Here is what you need

  • pencil with an eraser at the end
  • liquid colors or ink pad 
  • paper
  • paper plate
painting with pencils

Follow the Step-by-step Guide for this Pencil Stamp Art Halloween Project

Step 1: Make a plan

  • What do you like to paint? Will you do freestyle, draw your own objects outlines, or get a free printable online? They’re so many options out there, pick one.

Step 2: Prepare your materials

  • After choosing your art project it’s time to prepare your art sheet. Either print your object or draw something with a pencil yourself or let your kids do it when they are old enough. Afterward, place your liquid colors on a paper plate. 
pencil stamp art bats

Step 3: Stamp

  • The next step is the stamping process. Use the razer side of your pencil, dip it in your liquid color and use it as a stamp. We started by going around the outlines but of course, you could do the insides instead too.

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How to Create Pencil Stamp Art for Kids

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