Colors to Improve Creativity in your Workspace

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Colors to improve creativity in workspace
colors to improve creativity

The Meaning Behind Color Psychology

I’m pretty sure that by now, you are aware that colors have the power to influence our mood. Colors also have an effect in our thinking, productivity, and creativity. But contrary to what many believe, this isn’t something brought by us millennials. Theorizing on color psychology has been present for centuries! German Artist, Goethe, wrote Theory of Colors back in 1810. He went in depth in his theory about the nature and function of colors and how they linked to emotions. Throughout the years, research on the effect of colors on emotions has continued. Thanks to all the research on this subject, it’s become more clear to us how colors can affect our mood. But emotions aside, let’s not forget the fact that colors can improve creativity and productivity. And by choosing the right colors for our workspace, we are able to influence our behavior when performing our work.

color wheel by Goethe with colors to improve creativity
The Color Wheel, as designed by Goethe in 1809.

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I guess this is why I personally love to work around the color white. White improves creativity and gives the sense of space. And for me, space is what gets me going! I can never get too much done if I don’t have enough space to move around. Therefore, I also love working outdoors. When I’m outdoors I can create a writing space that motivates me to get work done. Most of time, this can be just a nice chair with pillows, and colored pens to keep my writing organized with color-coded notes. Even more, if it’s the Fall season, sweater weather seems just like the perfect time to opt to work outside!

Colors to Improve Creativity and Workspace Behavior

Let’s take a look at this infographic by Quill. It’s very detailed and it shows us a few ways on how colors can help us improve creativity in our workspace. Not to mention it’s super colorful–which we love! Especially because we’re celebrating colors this month!

Final Thoughts

I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to colors, choice matters! Whether we’re looking to improve our productivity or to feel relaxed, using color psychology is definitely something that could help us in many aspects.

When it comes to your workspace, which colors boost your creative flow? Which colors do you feel have a negative effect in your performance?

Share your thoughts by commenting below. We would love to know what works for you!

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Colors to Improve Creativity in your Workspace

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