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Q+A with Luis, Elopement and Wedding Photographer that Captures Playful and Creative Photos

photographer captures playful and creative couple photos
Luis Ferrer, Elopement and Wedding Photographer, Imagery by Lu

Luis’ work can be described as intimate and passionate. Even more, his playful and creative photos will leave you finding a new definition of love. It’s like falling in love with the beauty of love! What we love the most about Luis’ photography work is how he transmits the mood of the moments he captures. We also think that the uniqueness in his images is worthy of acknowledment. In addition, his energy and positive vibes are contagious! Hence the reason why Luis is our featured photography artist on our second digital issue, The Arts & Crafts Issue. We’re super excited to share his work!

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playful and creative photos of couple on a Jeep

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you and your work.

Luis: Hello! My name is Luis but I go by Lu. I’ve lived in Orland Florida for the past 12 years, but I was born and raised in U.S. Virgin Islands. I am an Elopement and Wedding photographer who specializes in capturing emotions that you feel, but can’t see. I also offer engagement, maternity, and couple boudoir sessions.

MC: What motivated you to build your photography business?

Luis: I am a hopeless romantic! (lol) I love the idea of being able to present a story that was captured through a lens. After my first couple session, I was instantly hooked and knew photography was my calling.

MC: How is your personality reflected in your work–capturing playful and creative photos?

Luis: I’m a positive, easy-going person, and I strive to go above and beyond. I try to give a stress free experience to each and every client. I love to have a good time and I want my clients to feel the same way during the session. As much as I’m an extrovert, I’m also an introvert. I guess an ambivert? I love being able to capture both playful and intimate moments.

playful and creative photos on jeep
FEATURED on Photos to Inspire, on The Arts & Crafts digital issue.

MC: We love the picture of the couple on top of a Jeep overlooking the beautiful mountains. Can you tell the story behind this image?

Luis: This picture was taken on August 2019, in St. John Virgin Islands. Coming from the Caribbean, I envisioned visiting and photographing the beautiful landscape that it has to offer. I rented a jeep, reached out to a local couple, and drove to the top of a mountain to see this beautiful sunrise. This is Island Life!

MC: As a photographer, what keeps you in your creative zone?

Luis: I get many of my inspiration from various movies, music and workshops.

maternity photos at the springs

MC: If your playful and creative photos could dance, to which song or genre would it dance to, and why?

Luis: Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind, & Fire. The song represents having a good time and letting loose which is what I strive for in every session. We are all about good moods and creative vibes!

playful and creative photos of wedding at the beach

Creativity is envisioning an idea and turning it into reality.

Luis Ferrer, Elopement and Wedding Photographer

MC: How would you describe creativity?

Luis: I think creativity is envisioning an idea and turning it into reality. Being able to think outside the box, and doing something new.

creative wedding photography

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Luis: I am inspired by Jesus Rodriguez / Chuy’s photos. The way he creates art through pictures, is absolutely mind-blowing!

Connect with Luis and see his beautiful playful and creative photos on Imagery by Lu!


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