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Q + A with Fabiola Mendoza, Paper Quilling Artist from Lima, Peru

If we had to choose just one word to describe Fabiola’s paper quilling art it would be…WOW! The mere thought of imagining every little detail that goes behind her work is simply astonishing. Here at Musa Creativa Magazine, it’s no secret how much we love colors. This is the reason why we are so deep in love with Fabiola’s work. We’re also super proud to have her as our first featured artist from the beautiful country of Perú!

Check out Fabiola’s feature on our digital issue, The Arts & Crafts Issue.

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Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you, and your work.

Fabiola: I’m Fabiola Mendoza. I studied graphic design, but I choose to be an artist–a paper artist. I feel like I can paint with paper! I’m 26 years old and in all my memories from my childhood, I loved art in all its ways. Finding Paper quilling made me fall in love again with my artistic side. Therefore, I choose to leave my office job, and start this journey. I said to myself that I wanted to be an artist. It hasn’t been easy to make the decision, but all that matters is to try. 

Last year, came with lots of changes in my life. But I found my coach, Nicole, who helped me to understand how important it is to feel that I’m doing what I really want to do in my life. Hence why I started Fabi Mendoza Art–my own business. I also got married in February of this year, and we are a family of 6–my husband and I, and my four baby dogs!

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MC: Where did the inspiration come from to start your Paper Quilling business?

Fabiola: I found paper quilling while searching to get back to my artistic side. It was when I was trying to get the perfect birthday present for my mom. I made my first design, using paper quilling art, by watching videos on YouTube and Pinterest. Since then, I later found paper quilling lessons in Perú, and it made me improve my abilities. I found my inspiration to begin in my doubts about my future. But it makes me feel happy to see how much I have learned, and what I have to keep learning in the artistic world.

MC: Can you tell us a little bit about the creative inspiration for your designs?

Fabiola: In my case, it’s not easy to find inspiration. I try to talk with the people that ask me for a design, and I look towards catching up on what they feel about my work and what they want to express. 

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MC: We absolutely love your flower butterfly paper quilling art pieces! The use of the colors with the shapes is simply breathtaking! Can you walk us through the creative process for this piece? How long did it take to make?

Fabiola: Someone had asked me to do a Butterfly with flowers. All I had to start the piece was the silhouette of it. Since I never make a sketch of how I’m going to design the painting, all I had, was the colors. And that’s when I start my personal ritual, based on how I see life. I usually talk to the paper that I use as a canvas and ask it to guide me on how it wants to be painted. This is something I do on every work I’m doing for the first time. This one took me 3 days to finish.

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone?

Fabiola: I practice Yoga, which helps me to connect with my artistic side. Deep down in my soul, it makes me find a way to create. Watching Cartoons, helps me to connect with my childhood–where I first found the artist inside me. Traveling is another way I get inspired and I do this every time I can. I’m the first to want to go to Museums and Art Galleries! To see, practice, and travel. These are the things that fuel up my creativity.

MC: What is creativity to you?

Fabiola: For me, creativity is the way I have to express myself, to feel free, and to create. I believe everyone has the chance to create. For instance, every time you need to figure out something, you are creating. It’s the human way of expressing freedom. I also believe that everyone could be considered creative, and this is not only achieved by an artist.

I believe that everyone could be considered creative, as this is not only achieved by an artist.

Fabiola Mendoza, Paper Quilling Artist
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MC: What does being an artist mean to you?

Fabiola: Feeling free to do what I’ve always wanted! To express my feelings and try to help others to get inspired. It means to be upfront, and being vulnerable. But also to be free.

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Fabiola: Since I consider myself, a growing artist, everything I explore, learn, see and live, inspires me. You can see this in my work and the way I talk to my community. 

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