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Q + A with Amy Sabourin, Sustainable Macramé Artist from Newport Beach, California

Amy Sabourin, Macramé Artist,

Sustainable macramé art that is delicate, subtle, and unique. These are the words we use to describe Amy’s gorgeous macramé pieces. The fact that she uses sustainable materials for her art makes us love it even more!

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sustainable macramé art plant hangers

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you, and your sustainable macramé art.

Amy: My name is Amy Sabourin. Ever since I was a kid I was always interested in art and making things with my hands. For a long time, I would paint and draw, not knowing what other forms of art were out there. In the last couple of months, I discovered fiber arts. I love creating pieces of macrame art and being able to make home decor custom to people’s homes. Not only do I love what I do, but I love how I do it. I have been working with only recycled and sustainable materials for my macrame projects, along with many other artists interested in sustainability. 

MC: Tell us about the main inspiration behind your art pieces? What inspires you to create this type of art?

Amy: The inspiration behind my work comes from the outdoors. I like to use natural materials to create plant hangers and other products to help bring the outside in. I find joy in making beautiful macrame pieces that have a practical use and that are sustainably made. Helping the environment while also expressing myself is something that I hope will inspire others to do the same. To me, the beauty of nature inspires me to maintain and care for it in all aspects of my life. 

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MC: We love all of your designs, especially your coasters! Can you tell us about this design?

Amy: I have two styles of macrame coasters, round and square. The round coasters are my personal favorite, and I got inspiration for the design from the sun. I wanted to create something that would represent the outdoors while also having a practical use. As far as the square coasters go, I based those off of requests from my followers for a different style. 

sustainable macramé art coasters

MC: Generally, how is the creative process for your sustainable macramé art, and how long does it take to finish one art piece?

Amy: I personally love the process of creating art pieces. I like to sit down with a cup of coffee and some good music and hash out multiple pieces at once. Depending on the product I am making, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. No matter the time, I always enjoy being able to create pieces with my own two hands and come up with new ideas along the way. 

sustainable macramé art keychains

MC: What are the charasteristics of your designs? What sets them apart?

Amy: I think that a lot of my works is different than others because of the materials I use. I always make a point to use second hand and homemade beads and charms. I also like to up-cycle glass bottles and weave around them with sustainable cotton cord, creating a unique look with each piece. As far as wall hangings, every artist has their own style and own unique strategy. Finding uncommon fabrics and incorporating them into my work is something that makes my weavings unique to me. 

MC: What does being an artist mean to you?

Amy: Being an artist means expressing your true self. Whether it be expressing emotion, learning from others, or letting creativity flow aimlessly, I believe that everyone is artistic on the inside. 

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Being artistic means expressing your true self. I believe that everyone is artistic on the inside.

Amy Sabourin, Macramé Artist

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Amy: My most recent inspiration comes from a close friend, who is always asking me for ways to decorate, and ideas on how to make art into practical everyday items. But usually, I’m not inspired by people, but by objects and nature around me. 

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