Creativity in Weaving Art with Chunky Fibers

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Q + A with Lindsey Campbell, Artist of Colorful Weaving Art, Instructor, and Author, from Phoenix, Arizona

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Lindsey Campbell, Weaving Artist, Instructor, and Author

Lindsey’s colorful weaving art is both neat and creative. It also gives us these happy all-around vibes that make us smile. We instantly fell in love with her work because of the beautiful way she blends her fibers and colors. She has written two books on beginner and intermediate weaving art and she’s also an instructor.

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weaving art with chunky fibers

Musa Creativa (MC): Tell us about you and how you got started in your weaving art.

Lindsey: I’m an artist and instructor based in Phoenix, Arizona. I started a personal blog in 2011 called Hello Hydrangea and started sharing some of my weaving work after college. I’d just graduated and was looking for a job, and needed a creative outlet during a stressful, unknown time in life. I had a lot of yarn in my craft bucket so I turned a picture frame into my first loom and began teaching myself!

chunky fibers tapestry in triangle form

MC: We love your incredible combination of fibers in your art. Which fibers would you say are characteristic of your work?

Lindsey: Thank you! I love chunky fibers most. They have the best textures! I also love cheerful color palettes, so I’m drawn to fibers that make me happy!

colorful wall hanging decor with chunky weaving art

MC: You’re an author of two books dedicated to learning the art of weaving. Tell us about these books and the creative process behind them. How long did it take to make each book?

Lindsey: I wrote two books about weaving – the first includes beginner techniques and projects. The second is for intermediate weaving. I was a new mom and didn’t want to travel to spend time photographing or working on the books, so I spent about 6 months for each book, writing and photographing them myself during my son’s naptime. My publishers were super helpful and let me have a lot of creative freedom to make whatever I chose. I wanted the books to be a resource for other weavers, to have open near their looms.

weaving books by Lindsey Campbell

MC: As an artist, what would you say is the main inspiration for your designs, and how do you get into your creative zone?

Lindsey: I am most inspired by vintage textiles and modern haute couture fashion. I love how small the world is becoming and that we can connect our ideas and interests no matter where we are in the world. Teaching is what I love to do most. When I want to get into a creative zone I HAVE to have good music or an inspiring audiobook playing in the background so that I can let my mind wander as my fingers do the work.

MC: Our magazine is all about inspiration and creativity. What does creativity mean to you?

Lindsey: Creativity is such an important part of self care. It doesn’t matter what the end goal for your project is. It doesn’t need to be for sale or even for display. Creative time is a gift you give to yourself. Live in the moment, experiment, and embrace the mistakes.

Creative time is a gift you give to yourself. Live in the moment, experiment, and embrace the mistakes.

Lindsey Campbell, Weaving Artist
cross stitching tapestry

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