Why Having a Hobby is Important

Many will start off by saying “I hardly have time for myself, how can I even find time to dedicate to a hobby?”. Time management is something many of us struggle with. And that’s okay. One of the ways in which having a hobby is important is because it can help us manage stress. That daily stress we have in our lives when we can’t seem to manage our time efficiently. We’ve all been there! But as Creatives, sometimes finding a hobby is a struggle of its own. Why? Because for many Creatives, our passions have turned into our business.

For instance, you might’ve started weaving as a hobby, and over time, it led to a successful weaving business. Most of the time, this happens without us planning it out. And it’s great when it does! But for our own benefit, we have to still be able to find a hobby we enjoy and do just for fun.

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Benefits of Having a Hobby

Believe it or not, hobbies have plenty of benefits! And while it’s important to use our time efficiently while building our business, making time for something we enjoy is just as important. Here are some key benefits of a hobby.

Relieves stress

This is the number one reason why we should all be practicing something for enjoyment. Since a hobby is something that you enjoy doing, it’s naturally stress-free. In addition, it gives you the space you need to shift your focus away from work.

Improves self-confidence

When you do something you’re good at, it immediately boosts your self-confidence. Whether is fishing, biking, or gardening, practicing an activity we love will help us feel better about ourselves.

Career improvement

Hobbies require skills like focus, patience, and dedication. Therefore, while it’s something we are doing for our enjoyment, we are also getting better at these skills without realizing it. This results in an improvement in our career productivity and creativity.

Social Relationship Growth

Many hobbies lead us to connect to a community of people who love the same things we do. This leads to meeting new people, creating social connections, and building new friendships. According to Mayo Clinic, friendships can have a major impact on your health and well-being. In fact, friendships can increase your self-worth and boost happiness!

Certainly, in order to reap the amazing benefits of a hobby, you must first find something you love. Here are some great hobby ideas to get you started.

21 Fun Hobby Ideas

  1. Reading
  2. Gardening
  3. Exercising
  4. Music
  5. Hiking
  6. Scrapbooking
  7. Photography
  8. Traveling
  9. Dance
  10. Geocaching
  11. Puzzle-solving
  12. Candle making
  13. Volunteering
  14. Drawing
  15. Collectibles
  16. Baking
  17. Surfing
  18. Swimming
  19. Fishing
  20. Writing
  21. Gaming

In conclusion, whichever hobby you choose, make sure it’s something that makes you smile! Take the time to just be present and be consistent with your hobby. Have fun while you’re at it and let your mind free!

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4 Benefits of Having a Hobby and 21 Fun Hobby Ideas to Get you Started

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