7 Gifts that Creative People will Love

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This is it. The holidays are finally upon us! After all, it’s been (without a doubt) the most anticipated time of the year. Now…like most of us, you’re probably working on your gift list. In fact, you’re just about to begin working on your Christmas. Am I right? Well, since it’s that time of the year, we want to give you a helping hand with some really cool gift ideas. So, we’ve gathered a list with gifts that creative people will love. Here, you’ll find some really cool stuff for the creatives and artists on your list!

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Cool Gifts that Creative People will Love

Although this list can be pretty much for anyone, I handpicked each of these items with Creatives and Artists in mind. Meaning, besides being great ideas, these are certainly gifts that creative people will love!

How to shop this guide: Links to each item are included in both the titles and images. Click on any of these for the items that you want to purchase. Happy Gifting! 🎁

1. Custom Sound Wave Acrylic Block

When we think of creativity, we instantly think of something out of this world. That’s exactly what came to my mind when I discovered these super cool sound wave acrylic blocks. You pick the song you want and they create the sound wave for it. A barcode is added at the bottom of the block for anyone to listen to and enjoy once scanned. Bonus: you can even choose the colors of the soundwave!

custom sound wave art block

2. Viviva Color Sheets

Watercolor pigments on a compact pad? We’ll take it! This set of portable and eco-friendly color sheets come in 16 vibrant colors. Perfect for the painter in your life–or for yourself!

painting with Viviva color sheets

3. Spiral LED Table Lamp

Its minimal design is what made me fall in love with this lamp. Because of its streamline design, this is a great lamp for writers, graphic designers, and anyone who works long hours in front of a computer screen. It won’t fatigue your eyes and it looks beautiful!

spiral led desk lamp gift ideas that creative people will love

4. Creativebug Membership

Creativebug is a site filled with excellent online classes made with creatives in mind. You’ll find hundreds of classes on crochet art, cut paper art, cake decorating, embroidery, and so much more. Now is actually the best time to gift a Creativebug membership because they have their BOGO sale going on! One to gift, one for you. 😉

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5. Famous Paintings Crew Socks

Because every creative is in love with art itself! These famous painting socks are amazing for any art lover or creative on your list. This is a set of 4 pairs of cotton socks that come in vibrant colors.

famous paintings socks gifts that creative people will love

6. Custom Colorful Portrait

Talk about a creative twist on the traditional portrait! What I loved the most about this gift idea is that it’s made with a combination of geometric shapes, textures, and colors. All you have to do is send a photo and the artist will start working on your portrait!

custom colorful portrait

7. 50’s Nostalgic Coffee Mug

And last, but certainly not least, a coffee mug. Because how will you ever get your creativity going without coffee (or tea)? Right? Out of the many creative mugs out there, I instantly fell in love with this 50’s retro mug in particular because, yes…I love the 50’s era! Who doesn’t?

nostalgic retro mug gifts that creative people will love

Which of these items do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section! Happy Gifting!

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7 Gift Ideas that Creative People will Love

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