Best of 2020: Our Top 10 Articles You Should Be Reading


For many, it’s been the year of uncertainty and adaptation. Here at Musa Creativa Magazine, this year has been one of fulfillment and going after our dreams–no matter what! Ups and downs, lots of learning, and tons of art and creativity! This is why we decided to round up our best of 2020 and give you the top 10 articles that you should be reading right here at This list has been handpicked by our Editor-in-chief. It consists of the most read articles–in various categories, by our audience, since our launch back on July 1, 2020.

Best of 2020…Reader’s Favorites (What Not to Miss!)

First of all, we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our readers for making this possible. It’s because of you that we’re able to keep our magazine going. So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

In no particular order, these are the most read articles on our magazine this year!

1. Develop your Ideas in a Thinking Room

develop your ideas in a thinking room

Setting up a thinking room is a great way to develop your ideas and boost your creativity for upcoming projects and to enhance your productivity.

2. Creativity in Weaving Art with Chunky Fibers

weaving art with chunky fibers is the best of 2020

Weaving art created with chunky fibers and a beautiful blend of colors by an Arizona weaving artist, instructor, and author of two books.

3. A Good News Podcast with All the Vibes

podcast headphones on teal and pink background

We talk with the creator and host of the good news podcast All Things Wise: A moment of positivity, about his inspirations and creative influences.

4. 5 Benefits of Participating in a Writing Challenge

black keyboard with different white boards with letters

There are many ways for a writer to practice their craft and stay motivated in their work and a writing challenge is one of these ways!

5. Working from Home and Organizing your Space

woman working from home sitting on floor with coffee on hand

Working from home is the new norm. Here are some ways to use it to your advantage in terms of creativity, productivity, and organization.

6. A Talk About Creativity in Interior Design

interior design in nyc

Interior Design is a beautiful form of art. We talk with Claudia, owner of Endlessly Lush, and she shares her thoughts on creativity and inspiration. 

7. Digital Illustration Brand with Purple Vibes

digital illustration of woman on with bathrobe

Meet Zinnia, a New Zealand digital illustration artist who launched a new brand amid the COVID-19 global pandemic and the inspiration behind it. 

8. Colors to Improve Creativity in Your Workspace

best of 2020 neon signs

The choice of colors in our workspace can influence our work behavior– which is why it’s good to know the colors to improve creativity. This article has a list of some of the best colors to improve creativity while you work.

9. Award-Winning Colorful Art Radiates Happiness

Claire Desjardins working on a colorful wall art

It’s an abstract art filled with a vivid and colorful vibe that radiates joy and happiness from the very first time you glance at it. Check out how Canadian artist Claire Desjardins gets inspired for her colorful artwork.

10. Travel Inspired Scratch-Off Art

best of 2020 scratch off maps

This scratch-off art has been making waves in the creative world. These travel-inspired maps are meant to be a favorite for many!

Best of 2020 – Editor-in-chief’s Top Picks

Here are the top 3 picks from our editor-in-chief.

1. How Positivity Affects your Success

woman smiling with a smiley face balloon is best of 2020

Positivity can make the difference between an artist’s long-term success and failure, and it affects your success in many ways. >>Read now<<

2. 7 Ways to Decluttering our Minds as Creatives

woman with arms out and fall leaves falling around her

Decluttering our minds is crucial for our creativity. As Creatives, we must seek ways to obtain mental space for our creative energy to flow. >> Read now<<

3. Writing is a Creative Process

woman lying on green grass with pencil on hand writing on notebook

Did you know that writing has its own creative process? You can start by following these easy steps that will guide you into finding creativity in writing. >>Read now<<

Did any of your favorites make our list? Let us know in the comments!

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Best of 2020: Our Top 10 Articles You Should Be Reading

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