5 Time Management Strategies for Creatives

time management strategies for creatives

You might be feeling restless– if you’re the kind of creative that procrastinates on each venture. But hey, we get it! And do you stay up all night just to comply with your due dates within the scratch of time? Or perhaps you are the early bird that still oversees to put everything on hold ‘until later’. But don’t worry, we’re not judging. In fact, this happens to all of us!

At one point or another, we’re all guilty of procrastinating and not getting the job done on time. Regardless, as a creative, you can advantage from practicing great time management strategies and by developing better work behavior tendencies. With this in mind, here are five tips that will help you take your time management schedule to another level.

Stop Procrastination: Time Management Strategies to Help You Get Things Done

1. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are your foe from getting any imperative stuff done. You certainly won’t get anything done if you keep checking your e-mail or hop on a social platform looking for that hilarious cat GIF for each temperament you’re going through. It’s not like diversions keep you absent from the errand at hand.

Moreover, they are an imagination executioner, not giving you the chance to concentrate on creating the intelligence and caprice you intend. So yes, you’re having difficulties in concentrating because of that GIF you keep looking at, and more.

2. Have a snack at hand in your workspace

This is fundamental. We’ve personally found it very useful to have snacks around where we are working. As a creative, you will lose track of time when you step away from your zone to grab something to eat. Having snacks closeby, along with something to drink, will guarantee your starvation throbs don’t become an opportunity for diversion.

3. Avoid panicking

Don’t panic when you can’t wrap up all you have going on your plate. Not everything you arrange to achieve will be completed. And that’s okay! Some diversions will always make their way through–whether we like it or not. For this reason, some projects may take longer than expected. Because, yes, life happens. Nonetheless, it is our duty to prioritize and focus on what should be accomplished.

As time goes, you can start handling other things that take less time. Don’t panic over what you haven’t done. Instead, work efficiently.

4. Don’t Burnout. Have Fun Instead!

Within the soul of creative ability and inventiveness, we need to remind ourselves to have some fun. You use yourself through inventive work since you intrinsically appreciate it. But if you work without a fun moment or a giggle–day and after day, you will be exhausted and eventually experience burnout.

This is why it’s advisable to bring a sense of cheer to your work by taking on challenging ventures. Challenges help you learn and bring excitement to your face. Find and discover your own time for having fun.

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5. Avoid Working From Your Bed (one of the best time management strategies for Creatives)

This is a big one! Especially now when a lot of us are suddenly working from home looking for tips on staying productive. Unfortunately, grabbing a laptop or iPad, makes it very easy for creative people to work from their bed. But please, avoid that! And if you have to memorize only one of these time management strategies, this is the one. Because comfiness aside, it really does help when you don’t work in places you relate to unwinding.

You should always maintain a strategic distance from the plausibility of floating off to rest. You can achieve this by having a designated area for when you’re actually working. A working area or easel with a strong study chair ought to do the work.

Additionally, finding the right colors to brighten your workspace area, along with showcasing pictures and artwork, will help you get in your creative zone and improve your time management skills.

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Time Management Strategies for Creatives

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