Creative Makeup Artist Launches Cosmetics Business During Pandemic

creative makeup artist cosmetics business

Q&A with Madelin Fernandez, Creative Makeup Artist and Owner of Maddy The Artist Cosmetics

Many of us agree that we’re living through hard times right now. But it’s precisely in these hard times, that we find ways to push ourselves into creating something different. We learn something new, we think outside the box, and we’re motivated to achieve greater things. Just like this creative makeup artist, who took a leap of faith to make things happen–in the midst of a global pandemic!

Madelin Fernandez launched her own cosmetics business while still being committed to a full-time day job, and after only a year since COVID hit hard in the U.S. Her story teaches us that the world around us doesn’t define our future. Rather, it is our courage and determination, which defines what we make of ourselves. We hope you get inspired by her story and by how she continues to work non-stop towards fulfilling her dreams.

Madelin Fernandez, Makeup Artist and Owner of Maddy The Artist Cosmetics

Musa Creativa Magazine (MC): Tell us about you and your business. 

Madelin: Umm, where do I begin? Well, my name is Madelin Fernandez but my friends and family call me Maddy. Born and raised in NYC. I decided to move to Florida at the age of 30, in search of a more stable life, and here we are 10 years later! I’ve always had an obsession with skincare and makeup, so at the age of 37, I decided to go back to school while working full-time, to become a licensed Esthetician in 2019.

Fast forward 3 years, and I have now officially launched my very own cosmetics line. Maddy The Artist Cosmetics is a cruelty-free vegan cosmetics line. My mission has always been to create vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics as well as an organic skincare line. I strive to enhance natural beauty without having to compromise pigments or healthy ingredients that help to boost a person’s naturally healthy skin.

MC: As a creative makeup artist, what motivated you to take it one step further and start a cosmetics business?

Madelin: My biggest motivation comes from growing up watching my mom put on her makeup. My youngest sister Tuty is another huge inspiration. She has been one of my biggest critics and motivators. We both share such love for beauty and healthy skin care. We’d always be talking about wanting to create something with makeup or skincare that particularly worked for everyone–regardless of their age or skin tone.

MC: We noticed you have unique names for each product. Tell us about the inspiration behind this creative process. 

Madelin: The Tuty Lipgloss is inspired by my baby sister. I was 10 years old when she was born, and when I looked at her, I instantly called her “mi Tuty”. She was perfect and looked like a beautiful muñequita (doll), and after that the rest is history. Everyone in our family calls her Tuty and the name really stuck thru the years. She loves makeup as much as I do, and when she wears makeup she lives for nudes and light pinks. When I created my own lipgloss line I knew I had to create something for her, and that’s how Tuty lipgloss came to mind.

woman with short curly hair giving a wink and smiling looking at the camera
Photo: Maddy The Artist Cosmetics

MC: Most of us creatives struggle with time management, especially while some still handle a day job. What are some of the things that work for you, to get things done?

Madelin: I have a thing with being organized. I’ve become addicted to writing everything down. On a day-to-day basis, I find myself juggling both my day job and my business. For now, I dedicate at least 3 hours a day to my business. I do not allow myself to go over that during the week because I find myself getting agitated if I don’t rest and give myself mental space. In these three hours, I write down four of the most important things that I need to accomplish. In the end, even if I accomplish only two of that four things, I am happy. Over the weekends I spend 8 hours with my business in order to accomplish everything that I didn’t do during the week. On Sundays, I rest!

MC: Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?

Madelin: I have doubts at times but I’ve learned that with failures come lessons and better ways to do things. I also love to listen to a positive podcast or just watch a YouTube video about makeup. This quickly gets me inspired and just gets me out of my head and into creating.

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Photo: Maddy The Artist Cosmetics

MC: From your point of view as a beauty influencer and creative makeup artist, what’s the one thing you could share with other Creatives in the beauty industry who are just starting on their own entrepreneurial journey?

Madelin: Research, research, and more research. Read about ingredients and educate yourselves before releasing a brand or product. If you’re in it for the money you should quit now! On the contrary, your passion for makeup, skincare, and making people feel better about themselves, should be what drives you. This isn’t something you could just do over the weekends. It’s a 365 days kind of thing, baby! And you must nurture constantly. For me, my passion drives me through most things in my life. It comes easy for me to find new ways for making amazing products that can help people with their self-confidence, their skin, and of course boost themselves with self-love! And lastly, stay informed and use social media. It really is the biggest and best marketing tool.

"Stay informed and use social media. It really is the biggest and best marketing tool!" – Madelin Fernandez, Makeup Artist and Owner of Maddy The Artist Cosmetics. #socialmedia #success Click To Tweet

MC: What do you enjoy the most about the creative process behind your business? 

Madelin: For me, it’s the creating part. The artwork, the execution of the products, and seeing the final products which I created with so much love! It also makes me feel so honored to see people wearing something that I created. It’s a confirmation that I’m in the right place.

MC: Como activas tu musa? How do you get into your creative zone?

Madelin: Music, makeup and watching videos on YouTube always sparks my creative juices !

creative makeup artist cosmetics
Photo: Maddy The Artist Cosmetics

MC: Lastly, who are you inspired by right now?

Madelin: I am inspired by all the women who are coming out of their shells every day to create a voice for themselves. And, by women who don’t take a seat because someone created something similar to what they wanted to execute. I’m inspired by the idea of being able to look back and say “I did that!”. It crosses my mind every time I look in the mirror and I apply products from my own cosmetics line.

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How a Makeup Artist Launches a Cosmetics Business During the Pandemic

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