5 Creative Books that You Need to Read

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Oftentimes, we tend to look for books that make us dream or uplift us. I, for instance, love to feel compelled by fiction stories in the young adult genre. Regardless, I’m also into motivational books that bring me to that ‘aha moment’ that I long for. As a Creative, you must nurture your creativity and be constantly inspired by things, moments, people, or places.

Therefore, adding great creative books to your bookshelf can make a difference in your relationship with creativity.

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Creative Books that You Need in your Bookshelf

I’ve been a fan of reading since my early years in elementary school. But throughout my life, I’ve had moments where I could go from months without reading, to reading regularly every week. Can you relate? I’m pretty sure you can.

You might also be asking yourself how you can bring back that appreciation you once had for reading. Those moments where your imagination would go wild. After reading a book, you feel like you’ve just discovered a whole new world. It’s a great feeling!

Just as when you’re creating at full speed after experiencing a creative block for days, or even weeks. Reading gives us knowledge that makes us feel powerful. So why not use it to nurture our creativity?

5 Creative Books that You Need in your Bookshelf

This list was super hard to put together because there are so many great books focused on the many aspects of creativity. Regardless, this list focuses on my personal favorites. I’m sure you have plenty more to add to this!

One thing to keep in mind is to combine creative books with personal development. After all, if you don’t work on yourself first, you will merely be able to unlock your full creative potential.

1. Deep Creativity: Seven Ways to Spark your Creative Spirit

deep creativity creative books

This book explores 7 ways that lead to creativity. It goes into meditation and practical exercises that can reignite your creativity. Deep Creativity is a book with a great reflection of the creative process.

2. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, one of the best creative books

big magic creativing living beyond fear

One of my personal favorites! Big Magic is a self-exploration of how our attitude, habits, and approaches, can lead us into living our best creative life. How to embrace fear and utilize it as one of the main forces behind creativity, is definitely my favorite takeaway from this book.

3. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told you About Being Creative

steal like an artist creative books

Steal Like an Artist is a very inspiring, and creative book that stays true to the times that we are living. It embarks from the thought that nothing is completely original and that everyone is inspired by someone else. It opens your eyes to the reality that creativity is everywhere. Literally, everywhere. It’s also a beautiful book filled with graphics and quotes.

4. Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind

wired to create creative books

A book that you really, really need to read. Written by the Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and based on his own research on the minds of creative people. It dives into some of the practices and habits that promote creative thoughts.

This book also goes into a deep exploration of the ten habits of creative people: mindfulness, sensitivity, turning adversity into advantage, thinking differently, imaginative play, passion, daydreaming, solitude, intuition, and openness to experience.

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5. Humans of New York: Stories, one of the greatest creative books for photographers

humans of new york

A book for photographers and storytellers. The book Humans of New York is a compilation of stories captured by photographer Brandon Stanton in a span of five years. During this time, he interviewed more than ten thousand strangers around the streets of New York.

As a photographer myself, this book enlightens my senses and eases the common thoughts of perfectionism. Filled with inspiring stories and beautiful photographs of people in casual and everyday moments. A great book to ignite your creative flow.

Which creative books have you read and loved? Tell me in the comments!

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5 Creative Books that you Need in Your Bookshelf

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