Reading Strategies for Writers to Stay Inspired

reading strategies for writers

Reading is essential for creatives and writers as it provides distraction and inspiration. I love how I can get involved in my reading and forget my surroundings. Applying reading strategies also makes it possible to come up with great business ideas. Especially, when reading fiction or a great story idea when reading non-fiction. 

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Making Reading Strategies a Part of Your Day

Although I read often, I have no order or rhythm. Hence, I read whatever interests me at the time. I do not set time aside in my agenda to read–it just happens naturally, either in the morning or in the evening.

I’m usually reading fiction on weekends, but if I am really caught up in a story, I’ll read at night too, once I’m done with the day’s to-do list. I also read about specific subjects if I am preparing a course or designing a project. It is focused reading that happens as part of my workday.

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Additionally, as part of my reading strategies, I use social media to follow publications and topics I’m interested in. There is a wealth of articles that would not come to my attention without social media. I scroll every so often and read articles on the spot when something catches my eye.

How we Read is Also Key 

  • Use the reader view on your mobile device
  • Allow your imagination to flow when reading fiction
  • Listen to audiobooks while doing an activity
digital book reading strategies
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Using the reader view on my cell phone helps me focus on the text itself when I am reading on a website. When reading fiction, I like to imagine every scene so that descriptions come alive in my mind. Audiobooks are particularly helpful since they help me “read” while doing other things, like exercise. 

An essential complement to reading is note-taking 

Depending on the type of book, it is possible to take notes on the phone, on the electronic reader app or device, or on the margin of a paper book. Note-taking helps us come up with ideas for our life, work, business, blog, or creative outlet. 

These strategies make us active readers. We are participating in what we are reading and are not merely consuming information that we could easily forget. It is almost like having a conversation with the book and ourselves.

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