About Musa Creativa Magazine

Inspired by Creatives…for creatives! Musa Creativa Magazine is an online magazine targeted to creative entrepreneurs, artists, and audiences in general who are passionate about art. A magazine dedicated to those who look for inspiration and motivation to boost their creativity. Therefore, our mission is to be a resource of creative inspiration for other creatives and for those who fancy all the various forms of art.

Musa Creativa Magazine Content

We have a variety of content in both our online magazine and quarterly digital issue. With this in mind, we want to give you an insight into the great variety of our content. As for our online site, articles are published on a weekly basis. And, for our digital magazine, the issues are published in July, October, January, and April.

Online Content

  • Creative Muses – an interview segment with Creative Entrepreneurs from various industries. Creatives talk about the story behind their work and their brand. Published every Monday.
  • #BoostYourMusa – our brand hashtag features useful articles to help you boost your creativity.
  • Creative Writing – a segment dedicated to those who are passionate about writing. Features articles with tips for self-publishing, the creative writing process, and the business side of writing. Published on the 15th of every month.
  • Mind & Body – in this segment, we publish mindfulness and natural living articles for a healthy mind and body.
  • Musa Kids – dedicated to the little creatives! This segment features articles with DIY arts & crafts for kids. Published every Thursday.
  • Art Talk – this is the space where we connect with artists! Artists share the inspiration behind their designs, their creative influences, as well as their creative process. Published every Friday.
  • Workspace for Creatives – related exclusively to your workspace. We share articles with tips on organization and best practices to boost creativity while working.
  • Motivation – because we all need a dose of positive vibes! Articles in this segment are meant to motivate you into creating and to focus on the positive side of things.

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Digital Issue Content

  • Featured Artist – in every issue, our cover is graced with the artwork of a featured artist. This feature also includes an interview with the artist.
  • Photos to inspire – this column presents one breathtaking image from a Photographer in any industry. And, they also share the inspiration behind their featured image.
  • Creative Movie – we chooose a movie with exceptional directing, cinematography, or writing that boosts our creative minds.
  • The Meaning of Colors – in every issue, we choose a color and present its characteristics and what they symbolize. Color palette ideas with the featured color are included as part of this segment.
  • Editor’s Top Picks – features one creativity app and one podcast personally selected by our Editor-in-chief.
  • Staff Picks: Graphic Design Favs – features some of our staff favorites in graphic design, like illustrations, templates, fonts, patterns, and textures.

A Word from Our Editor-in-Chief

editor in chief musa creativa magazine
Yanitza Ninett, Founder & Editor-in-chief of Musa Creativa Magazine

“Being a Creative Professional has been quite the journey for me. I’ve been a lover of different forms of art throughout my life, with photography being the one I fell in love with the most and that which I’ve made a career from. In fact, writing, creating, and sketching, have also had their part in my life as a creative. But this journey has been mostly about searching for the right inspiration-one which motivates me enough to keep on creating without any holdbacks. It’s about a search for my muse; aka musa creativa.

In my creative world filled with colors, diversity, and mindfulness, I wanted to have one source where I could find all the inspiration at once. I wanted to create a space for other creatives, just like me, who are looking for ways to feed their muse; a place to navigate in creativity. As a result of this, MUSA CREATIVA Magazine was created. It was created to be the source where you can find all sorts of inspiration to boost your musa!

So, let’s hang out here together! Let’s talk about what inspires us and let’s keep creating that which we love the most…ART.” – Yanitza Ninett

Musa Creativa Magazine is an independently owned publication based out of Central Florida. 

Feel free to contact us directly at info@musacreativamagazine.com.