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While for Creatives it might be slightly difficult to find a hobby, there are many reasons why having a hobby is important and beneficial.

Weaving art created with chunky fibers and a beautiful blend of colors by an Arizona weaving artist, instructor, and author of two books.

Subtle and mesmerizing paper craft art by a South Africa paper artist, and whose work is inspired by her love for the calmness of nature.

Luis, an elopement and wedding photographer, inspires us with his unique work and ability to capture playful and creative photos of couples.

Beautiful sustainable macramé art by an artist who is mostly inspired by nature and different everyday objects, creating a unique style.

Super colorful paper quilling art with an inspiring and creative artistic vision from a a paper artist based in Lima, Peru.

Art Talk with Brazilian Visual Artist, Tiago Segundo, about his background as an artist and influences behind his contemporary visual art.

A compilation of tips from the book Breakthrough! Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark your Imagination.

It's an abstract art filled with a vivid and colorful vibe that radiates joy and happiness from the very first time you glance at it.

Meet a New Zealand digital illustration artist who launched a new brand amid the COVID-19 global pandemic and the inspiration behind it.