The eraser of a pencil is a great tool to create stamp art with your kids and it's super fun for creating art for special occasions.

Let the kids create their own magical watercolor art with white crayon! They can even write a secret message as part of this activity.

Making dandelion art with toilet paper roll is an easy art and crafts activity for kids of all ages, and this art can look great on your wall!

Water balloon art is a super easy and fun DIY art activity that can entertain your kids safe at home in your own back yard.

Looking to do a kid's DIY art with materials that you have at home? This colorful Milk Swirl Experiment is very easy to make and super fun!

A super fun and colorful rainbow cloud art experiment for kids that will also teach them a little bit about the weather and why it rains.

Did you know you can grow your own rainbow? This is a super easy and magical DIY art craft that kids of all ages will love! Build your own rainbow! 🌈

This eggshell art is a super easy and fun activity for kids of all ages. Learn how to make this art, and which materials you need to make this at home.